Zafar Agha after Judge Loya verdict: “Dariye mat. Stand up for truth”

National Herald Editor-in-Chief Zafar Agha’s message to media after Judge Loya verdict: “Door of Supreme Court may have been shut to this case; doesn’t mean we stop seeking answers to the questions”

Zafar Agha after Judge Loya verdict: “Dariye mat. Stand up for truth”

Zafar Agha


Kis se vakil karen, kis se munsifi chahen

(To whom does one turn for counsel, from whom does one expect justice?)

The Supreme Court’s verdict on CBI Judge Loya’s case reminded me of this Faiz Ahmed Faiz verse.

But then Supreme Court is after all the Supreme Court. No one can comment on its judgment. But that certainly doesn’t mean that questions surrounding Judge Loya’s case have ceased to exist.

Listen to Zafar Agha’s message below:

The citizens of this country have been asking whether Judge Loya was killed or whether he died a natural death. The door of Supreme Court may have been shut to this case, but that doesn’t mean people will stop seeking answers to these questions.

I strongly feel that it’s now Indian media’s foremost responsibility to seek answers to the questions over the death of Judge Loya.

It doesn’t mean that media was not performing its duties earlier.

News websites like The Caravan, The Wire,, National Herald, Navjivan and Qaumi Awaz have been trying to seek answers. I do hope that this quest will continue on these platforms and in the media in general.

Do not feel scared. This is not the time to be afraid. This is the time to stand up for truth.

Whether Judge Loya was killed or he died a natural death, now media has to find out the truth. We must find out the answers.

I am again reminded of Faiz, who wrote:

Hum parwarish-e-lauh-o-qalam karte rahenge,

Jo dil pe guzarti hai raqam karte rahenge!

(Forever will I keep nurturing pen and paper,

Forever express in words whatever my heart undergoes)

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