PM Modi’s speech in Parliament narrates well about past, talks less about present and future

PM Modi’s speech in the Parliament as a part of response to the President’s address narrates well about the past and little about the present and future like astrological predictions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament (LSTV)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament (LSTV)

N. Syamasundaran

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Speech on June 25, 2019 in the Parliament as a part of response to the President's address to Parliament narrates well about the past and little about the present and future like astrological predictions.

Astrologers dwell very well about the past and gain one's confidence but tell us very little about our present and future.

The past of India, be our freedom struggle, Gandhi’s ideals, our constitution, decades of Congress rule, emergency, the days of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, building of Narmada dam, and the last five years rule of the BJP government are well known to the people of this country and it does not require frequent repetition.

Let us talk about the present and the future:

Today we are in the midst of multiple crisis situations.

We want quick and credible answers and policies and execution programmes from the Government .

Today the country more particularly Tamil Nadu is facing severe water scarcity. Linking rivers or building dams is a very long term solution, if the same is a solution at all.

Water should be found and harnessed locally. Industries cannot thrive at the expense of basic requirements of common people like water and clean air.

If we worry for water and clean air day in day out, how can we concentrate on Yoga and clean surroundings.

The peoples’ mobility either by train, air or road should be pleasurable, like it is for Ministers and not a curse to Public.

Law and Order should be in order. Today we face an affront on law without any fear. Our Justice System is at the door of collapse and it does not need any detailing.

One can only hope that the much lauded Insolvency and Bankruptcy code would not go the way of the Consumer Protection Act and RTI Act, where verdicts are delayed indefinitely due to a lack of appointment of Judges.

Our health care needs much much better care from the Government.

The TV Channels have a field day describing every day on the State of Hospitals in Bihar as a Scheduled Programme. Today it is Bihar, tomorrow it can be any other State.

Less said the better it is about the Public hospitals on whom most of our population depend.

The major area of creative, thoughtful and quick Policy initiatives which should have improved the operational and financial performance of Government Departments/Public sector Undertakings, especially those which have active interface with the people such as Banks, Postal, Railways, Air India, BSNL, and Tax Administration has been a missed opportunity.

Performance levels of Government Establishments are abysmally low including the Regulators like RBI, SEBI, Registrar of Companies, TRAI and the NEW RERA.

Things in Public Sector like Air India, BSNL, Public Sector Banks have only worsened .

Post Offices today have become a Government dustbin to do all and sundry jobs except Postal Services.

Along with the Programme like “Clean India”, the PM should have started cleaning the Governing Systems in India.

Before we forget about Punjab National Bank, we stare at the State of affairs of IL&FS Financial Services limited involving nearly default of ₹90 K crores. No one knows what is next.

Instead of starting a Programme like “Clean India”, the PM should have started cleaning the Governing Systems in India.

People should be empowered and encouraged to take to task Public Servants including Ministers for failing to perform. The Grievance redressal system including at the level of PMO is a cause for serious grievance for its lack of effectiveness.

Suspend GST:

It is impossible to believe that anyone in the Government even today could claim to be able to understand the GST law even after 2 years of its coming into force. The high winds of Notifications, circulars, and Amendments are not going to end soon as the GST Law was born with premature organs.

Should We not suspend the GST Law and revert to earlier Indirect tax system for at least 2 years since the enquiry into its demerits are done thoroughly and remedied.

Today India is facing a ‘multi-organ failure’, be it in the political system, bureaucracy, business, media or judiciary.

In the next speech of our P.M a common man would like to know his mind on the above.

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