RSS clarification on Mohan Bhagwat remark further insults the army

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By attaching Mohan Bhagwat’s original statement relating to the Army in the clarification, RSS has made it clear that under the present Modi government, it considers itself primary and all-powerful

After Mohan Bhagwat’s controversial statement on Indian army triggered outrage and criticism from all corners, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) issued a statement of clarification on Monday. A statement issued on behalf of the RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya said, “Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat’s speech in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) is being misrepresented. Bhagwat had said that if situation arises and the Constitution permits, Indian Army would take six months to prepare the society whereas Sangh swayamsevaks can be trained in three days, as swayamsevaks practise discipline regularly. This was not a comparison with the army but between the society and the volunteers. Both will have to be prepared by the army only.”

The statement published on the RSS website and posted on its official Twitter handle has a video clip attached to it. In this video, Mohan Bhagwat can be seen saying clearly, “We are not a military organisation, but familial organisation. But our discipline is like that of the military. if situation arises and the Constitution permits, Indian Army would take six months to prepare the society whereas Sangh swayamsevaks can be trained in three days.”

That means, the RSS once again has insulted the Indian Army. Mohan Bhagwat’s statement on Sunday and the clarification issued by the RSS on Monday makes it clear that this fanatic organisation does not cares at all for the soldiers and paramilitary forces fighting with the terrorists. Its volunteers mean everything to the organisation. By repeating Mohan Bhagwat’s statement, the RSS has made it clear that under the rule of Narendra Modi’s government, RSS considers itself all-powerful. For them, sacrifice of the soldiers and protecting the country in difficult circumstances carry no meaning.

It would have been better had the RSS said in the clarification that Bhagwat did not say anything that amounted to insulting the army and if it was somehow understood like that, then we apologise. The RSS should have apologised to the country and the soldiers. But whatever was said in the statement reflects only ego and arrogance.

Bhagwat’s statement has drawn flak from all around, but the ruling party and the pradhan sevak are absolutely silent. They have not as yet issued any statement regarding this. However, their cyber army is out vehemently supporting the statement on social media, to an extent that the Hindi statement by Bhagwat is presented in a twisted manner in its English version so that the people could be misled.

How insulting the statement by RSS Chief Bhagwat is can be assessed by the fact that people who usually support the BJP and RSS are also stunned. This tweet by Major Gaurav Arya reflects the desperation of former soldiers and supporters of the BJP. The major has tagged Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in his post and wondered do we need the army after this offer by the RSS.

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