BJP must be ousted from power in next polls to restore peace, balance and harmony in the country

If BJP, with support of RSS and corporates, succeeds in returning to power in 2024, it will be further emboldened to implement its perverse agenda and continue to ride roughshod over democratic norms

Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Social Media)

Ram Puniyani

One is amazed to compare the India of today than that a decade ago. BJP getting a majority in the Lok Sabha in 2014 has changed the political, social and economic scenario adversely. The rising prices, the free fall of economy with the GDP at an all time low, India falling down on hunger index and the massive rise in poverty and unemployment even as corporate houses prosper all reflect the economic plight of the citizens.

The erosion of democratic ethos, parliamentary practices and the decline in autonomy of institutions like Election Commission, ED and CBI in not preserving the values of Indian Constitution is all out in the open.

The state of federalism is also worrying and many of the regional parties in power in various states must be able to feel the impact of the Union government trampling over their rights. This has been quite manifest in the COVID vaccination drive, for instance, when opposition-ruled states were simply not given the necessary resources to inoculate millions of citizens in a timely manner.

The social plight of Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities and the ruling party introducing CAA has made it clear to most sections of society that we need a Union government which is inclusive and adheres to the norms of Indian Constitution and pluralism.

BJP has the solid multipronged backing of the RSS, with its lakhs of swayamsevaks and thousands of Pracharaks. It claims to be a cultural organization but swings to the electoral arena whenever polls are held anywhere.

BJP’s IT cell and large sections of the media further promote BJP’s electoral prospects.

The other powerful support for the BJP comes from the corporate sector, which thrives on government’s policies that favour it.

Being cash rich and not averse to use scare tactics by misusing law enforcement agencies, the BJP has been able to claw its way through even in adverse situation using the stick and carrot method. This was seen when MLAs of other parties defected to it, helping it form the government even when it was in minority, as we saw in the case of Goa, Karnataka and MP.

However, the results of West Bengal elections, during which the BJP put a phenomenal amount of resources and efforts shows that a determined citizenry can ensures that it can be made to bite the dust. So where does one go from here? In a recent article in TOI, MP Pavan Varma, who was earlier expelled from the JD(U), argued that regional parties have no pan India presence and for an effective opposition, the role of the Congress is central and crucial. He pointed out that the Congress is still the principal opposition party in states as far apart as Kerala and Assam. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it garnered 12 crore votes (BJP got 22 crore votes) and 20 % of the electoral vote share.

A joint alliance of regional and national parties is being recognized as the need of the hour more than ever before. The mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic has dented the carefully crafted charisma of Modi and even those who used to parrot the formulation “jitega to Modi hi’ (Modi alone will win) and argue that there is no alternative to Modi, now realize that his dictatorial style and highhanded pursuit of sectarian politics are ruining the country all around.

As the tenure of the UPA govt showed, the country’s economic agenda has to be inclusive and the govt must focus on a rights-based approach to ensure welfare of vast sections of the population. If the BJP, with the twin support of the RSS and corporate sector, succeeds in returning to power in 2024, it will be further emboldened to implement its perverse agenda and millions of countrymen will continue to suffer more than ever before under a authoritarian regime.

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