Would you trust a bank or the Election Commission?

Pointing out discrepancies in the data released by the ECI, AamJanata.com asks pointedly, “Would you trust a bank that showed different numbers in your bank statement than your actual transactions?”

Election Commission (PTI)
Election Commission (PTI)

Vidyut Gore

Aamjanata.com, a website maintained by citizen volunteers, has put out data, maps, screenshots and publicly available information to raise serious doubts about the polling data released by the Election Commission of India.

The following Twitter thread explains why doubts have surfaced.

• The data published as final voter turnout data by ECI.

• Data provided by the ECI don’t contain constituency level data. They contain total voters per state in each phase.

• We do have constituency level EVM votes counted data.

• We also have constituency level voter turnout data from the EC app for 6 phases.

• We also have constituency level data for first four phases in the files the ECI had put out and deleted.

• Totaling the figures and comparing them with figures put out by the ECI reveal no matches! Not even for single constituency, State/UT!

Would you trust a bank or the Election Commission?

• Even where you have a state/UT with *ONE* constituency, the voter turnout in the spreadsheet by ECI does not match the EVM result for that same constituency.

• The numbers matching results provided as “final” on the voter app don’t total up to the official state turnouts either.

• While this data is not adequate to investigate mismatches on a constituency level, it is sufficient to establish that the EVMs do not represent the votes cast correctly.

Whether the reason for that is that the machines malfunctioned or missed votes or recorded them multiple times, or whether there is an actual conspiracy to manipulate EVM votes to alter the election result will take deeper analysis.

• Given that the voter numbers in the voter turnout app match the results, the voter turnout as claimed on ECI’s website and ECI’s app is different. This appears to be deliberate obfuscation, as the data originally published by the ECI and then deleted when discrepancies were pointed out matches the declared total turnouts better than the voting app numbers which are often identical to the EVM votes in the result.

• Most major EVM mismatches are for states showing unexpected wins for the BJP. This sort of takes out the possibility of random errors as a cause for mismatches.

Note: This is a large amount of data painstakingly collected by volunteers. While all efforts have been made to ensure that it is accurate, if you spot an error, please do bring it to our attention in the comments. Special thanks to Jaya Sengupta, Ashlin Mathew and Aloke Ghosh for a lot of heavy lifting related to compiling the data

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