“Cockroach dreaming of becoming peacock”: Top Mamata quotes on BJP   

Few politicians have taunted BJP and PM Narendra Modi with words quite as brutally and effectively as Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Here are some of her most memorable quotes on BJP and Modi

NH Web Desk

“Sometimes a cockroach also wants to be a peacock and put on its feathers.”

"After (he) had said all this, had I been in the Central government I would have tied (him) with ropes and would have made him walk on the road."

"Now he talks about Matua community. He said they are not citizens of India. Is he a donkey? They are Indian citizens."

“No trace of the saffron party will be found even through a telescope after the Lok Sabha election in 2019.”

“The GST was passed with voice vote in Parliament. We just said don't pass the GST in hurried manner...Are you Mohammad bin Tughlaq? Can you do whatever you like?"

“You couldn’t even recover black money from Swiss banks, but creating inconvenience for those with white money. You’ve created more havoc than Hitler.”

“Now Modi is labeling 86% of the country's population as black money holder. And you (Modi) are pristine white?”

“They thought that TMC is made of soft clay which even rats can dig. We fight with tigers, we will not get scared by rats.”

“Don't they know that there is difference between a paper tiger and a Royal Bengal tiger?”

“One person is being hyped up with gas.”

"People of all faiths, caste, creed live together in peace in Bengal. This makes 'Danga Babu' very jealous and angry.”

"Sometimes he says throw out Bangladeshis. Sometimes he says throw out intruders and refugees. Comrade dangabaaz, do you know who refugees are? Don't you dare touch anybody."

“How can a party president take a meeting of ministers? Who is the PM—Modi or Shah?”

“I don’t trust those who talk big and deliver nothing. They only deliver bhashan on TV and fail when it comes to work.”

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