Congress accuses BJP of misrepresenting Hindu ideology, attacking Constitution

"Will some dwarf people take over the huge ideology of Hindus?" asks party spokesperson Pawan Khera

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera (file photo)
Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera (file photo)

NH Political Bureau

Addressing a press conference in Delhi shortly after Rahul Gandhi's emphatic speech in Parliament, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera criticised the BJP on Monday, accusing the ruling party of misappropriating Hindu ideology.

Khera questioned, "Will some dwarf people take over the huge ideology of Hindus and make it their own size? We thought that we had come out to protect democracy and the Constitution.

"Now you will not be able to hide behind your pseudo-patriotism and pseudo-Hindutva. Come to the front : answer on NEET, reply to Agniveers, reply to the women, respond to the farmers, answer this country," added Khera.

He emphasised that, over the past decade, the Congress has realised the need to preserve the true image of Hindu ideology.

Reflecting on the BJP's defeats in the recent Lok Sabha elections, Khera said, "We were defeated in 2014 and 2019, but we introspected and learned. But the person and the party to whom everything was given, and who then started snatching from 2024, did not learn any lesson. This became clear today inside and outside the Parliament."

Khera accused the BJP's IT cell of distorting Gandhi's speech as soon as it began.

"In the last 10 years, the BJP ran its business by spreading lies on WhatsApp and editing the speeches of Rahul Gandhi. But now the public has stopped this business. The BJP could not learn this lesson," Khera added.

In a fiery address in the Lok Sabha, leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi launched a sharp attack on the BJP, asserting that Hinduism is not about spreading fear, hatred, and falsehoods.

His remarks were part of a discussion on the motion of thanks to the President's address to a joint sitting of Parliament.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervened during Gandhi's speech, asserting that calling the entire Hindu society violent was a serious issue. Gandhi retorted, "The BJP and the RSS are not the entire Hindu society."

Gandhi emphasised that all religions, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, advocate for courage and fearlessness. He accused the BJP of systematically attacking the Constitution and the fundamental idea of India, highlighting the resistance of millions against the ruling party's ideology.

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