Governing country as per Manusmriti BJP's secret agenda: JD(U)

The reality is that the BJP has hidden Manusmriti under the cloak of Sanatan Dharma, alleged JD(U)

JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar (photo: National Herald archives)
JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar (photo: National Herald archives)


The BJP brings up Sanatan Dharma whenever the issue of its government "curtailing" the rights of the backwards, Dalits, tribals and minorities is raised as it is working on a "secret agenda" of governing the country in accordance with the 'Manusmriti', the JD(U) alleged on Friday.

In a resolution adopted at its national council meeting here, the Janata Dal (United) said the country is passing through the "most difficult" phase since independence as the BJP-led Centre is moving towards "dictatorship".

"Fear, hatred and frenzy are being created in the society. Politics has started taking the form of deceit and revenge," it said, alleging that all this is the result of the deeds of the government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the Centre.

"This is the biggest threat to our democracy and Constitution. The central government is moving towards dictatorship. Constitutional institutions and the federal structure of the country are being weakened," the resolution read.

In the last nine years, this situation has worsened and taken a "horrible shape", it said, alleging that the Centre is not paying attention to people's problems and raising "false slogans" to deflect the common man's focus from such issues.

"At a time when the entire opposition is talking about saving the Constitution framed by Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, the BJP is raising the issue of Sanatan," the Nitish Kumar-led party charged.

"We all respect the Sanatan culture, values, traditions and its ideals. There is no opposition anywhere on this. But when we raise the issue of the BJP government curtailing the rights of the backward classes, Dalits, tribals and minorities guaranteed under the Constitution, then suddenly they remember Sanatan," it said.

The reality is that the BJP has "hidden" the "Manusmriti" under the cloak of Sanatan, it alleged.

"They want that India should not be governed on the basis of Baba Saheb's Constitution, rather the governance and social system should be governed on the basis of the 'Manusmriti'. This is the secret agenda of the BJP," the resolution charged.

It also accused the BJP of "intentionally" believing in "authoritarianism".

"That is why it is trying to weaken democracy. This is clearly visible in the functioning of the central government and the conduct and behaviour of its leadership," the JD(U) said.

It slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not "opening his mouth" during the year-long farmers' agitation against three agriculture laws of the Centre that have since been repealed, the protest against alleged misbehaviour with female wrestlers and the ethnic violence in Manipur.

"There has been no statement from the government in the House on the security lapse that took place during the Winter Session of Parliament. As many as 146 opposition MPs, who demanded this, were suspended. This is an attack on democracy," the party charged.

The prime minister does "Mann Ki Baat" outside Parliament, but does not do "Jan Ki Baat" in the House, it said, adding, "This is a matter of grave concern.... People have begun to worry whether our democracy will survive or not." 

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