Kamal Nath promises to transform Madhya Pradesh in four years

We inherited an empty treasury a year ago and yet fulfilled 365 promises in as many days. We will create a mafia-free state, so that development can spread all over the state, said Kamal Nath

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath

Chandrakant Naidu

In an impressive ceremony the Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh, which completed a year in office on Tuesday, released a “Vision to Delivery Road Map 2020-2025” that promises a million jobs; “Anytime” services to the citizens through smart phones; 100 per cent enrolment in primary education and zero per cent dropout among a large number welfare measures.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Chief Minister Kamal Nath presented the Road Map at a programme aptly organized in Bhopal’s Minto Hall, the majestic building that had also housed the state assembly for over 40 years. The program included screening of a film about the government's one-year development effort and another that depicted government’s plans for next four years.

Dr. Singh, the guest of honour for the occasion, described the 'Vision to Delivery Roadmap' as a document of aspirations and priorities of the people of MP. He said it will boost investment, employment, health and tourism in the state. He appreciated the Chief Minister’s commitment to ideas in meeting the goals of rapid economic prosperity and development.

The former Prime Minister congratulated people for steps taken in a short time of a year to bring economic development and prosperity. Kamal Nath government had focused on generation of employment by advancing the economy at micro and macro level. He said that not only a clear vision has been prepared to achieve the goals of health and education and sustainable development, but a roadmap has also been drawn for its implementation.

Kamal Nath said “Ours is vision government and not a television government. We had said we will not make hollow announcements. We need a certificate of our people and not from others. We inherited an empty treasury a year ago and yet fulfilled 365 promises in as many days. We have a one-year action plan. We will create a mafia-free state, so that development can spread all over the state. Kamal Nath said his government got much less than 365 days to work due to the Election code in force almost for two months during the Lok Sabha elections.”

The government has also been handicapped by the hostility of the Central Government. The Lok Sabha elections turned the assembly elections mandate on its head. The Congress won only one of 29 seats from the state. Ironically the 28 BJP members returned to the Lok Sabha in May elections seems to have gone unquestioned by their constituents for the apathy shown in getting the State’s share of assistance from the Centre.

The one million new jobs in the next five years would include 3.50 lakh in manufacturing and 1.50 lakh in service sector. Besides, five lakh jobs will be provided from tourism sector. Kamal Nath himself will monitor the progress on this front.

The Roadmap also envisages 24-hour power supply to every village - every household; paved roads and broadband internet service even in the villages, raising of the capacity of renewable energy grid from 4000 to 13000 MW.

Other highlights: New Silicon City in the state on the lines of Bengaluru Silicon City, increasing the area under irrigation from 40 to 65 lakh hectares. Micro irrigation to be increased from 5.27 lakh hectare to 10 lakh hectare, 'Right to Water' and 'Right to Health' to provide pure drinking water to every household.

The state government also revived the Indira Gandhi Samaj Seva Award discontinued by the BJP government and presented it posthumously to Abdul Jabbar, who dedicated his life for rehabilitation and welfare Bhopal gas tragedy victims. Jabbar fought for the rights of the gas victims for 33 years, died recently. Jabbar’s widow Saira Bano collected a cheque for Rs 10 lakh and a memento from Dr Manmohan Singh.

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