Priyanka Gandhi's Raebareli speech rallying party workers goes viral

In what could be one of her most critical election speeches thus far, Priyanka unveiled a powerful evocation to Congress workers

Priyanka Gandhi during her speech in Raebareli (video screengrab)
Priyanka Gandhi during her speech in Raebareli (video screengrab)

Alex Chandy

In what could easily be one of her most impactful and critical election speeches thus far, Priyanka Gandhi unveiled a powerful, rousing evocation to Congress workers in Raebareli on Monday, three days after Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination from the historically important family pocket borough and Kishori Lal Sharma did likewise to take on the BJP's sitting MP Smriti Irani in Amethi.

Rallying rallying her party members against a formidable foe, Priyanka made it abundantly clear that their work was cut out until the close of campaigning for these two constituencies.

In a speech that went viral on social media, her choice of words to send a message to all and sundry, not just party office-bearers, was specific, precise, and strong. It was an inspiring speech, especially at a time when the party is up against heavy odds. Raebareli and Amethi are close to the hearts of the Nehru-Gandhi family and the Congress. As Priyanka put it, “It is prestigious and a win is imperative.”

There was firmness in her speech as she promised to lead from the front and never give up. She called upon each worker to get up and take the fight right into the enemy camp fearlessly and relentlessly. She spoke her mind, presenting her vision for the party and the country in a precise 30-minute address. If this speech does not instill confidence in the workers, little can.

She began with the start of her career in politics, recounting how in 1999, she visited Amethi with her mother, which is when her schooling in electoral politics began. Her mentor then was none other than Kishori Lal Sharma, the candidate from Amethi for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

She fondly recalled as much, and expressed gratitude for the nuances she was taught. “In return, I will help you win the Amethi seat,” she assured Sharma. “We have fought unitedly during difficult times for different reasons. We’ll do so now.”

She then exhorted the workers about the importance of the two seats. “It was here in Raebareli that Motilal Nehru and Jawaharlal Nehru were arrested when they came to participate in the farmers’ protest during the British Raj” she pointed out. “That fight was for democracy. Today, our fight is for democracy. The situation is the same,” she told the workers. “Every policy the Modi government makes is for the rich. The poor are left to fend for themselves.”

She also referred to the capture of national institutions and the media. She mentioned lawlessness and the fear that has gripped the people, including candidates for these elections. “Gandhi and Nehru fought for people’s rights. Now they are being called anti-nationals”.

“The Prime Minister is using the kind of language which is inappropriate for a person of his stature. He doesn’t care for the respect that goes with the post. Our fight is for equality. It is the struggle to live in harmony and with equal opportunities,” Priyanka insisted. "Our fight is against price rise, joblessness, lies, false propaganda and other factors that make our democracy weak”.

She warned the workers of the consequences of another term for the BJP. Having said that, she called upon them to unite. “From this moment onwards, we are going to give our best. I am leading from the front and we’ll fight shoulder to shoulder. This army of workers is the best in the country."

And then came the punchline: “If anyone wants to leave, do so now. But once the battle begins, no one is leaving.”

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