Crystal clear that PM Modi “guilty” in Rafale deal: Rahul Gandhi 

Modi is guilty in Rafale deal, said Congress president Rahul Gandhi mentioning a media report which claims MoD objected PMO’s intervention in Rafale deal

Crystal clear that PM Modi “guilty” in Rafale deal: Rahul Gandhi 


Sharpening his attacks on PM Modi over the Rafale deal, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday reiterated that the PM was a "thief."

Prime Minister is guilty in Rafale deal, asserted the Congress president.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarters, Rahul referred a news report published in The Hindu and said it is crystal clear that PM Modi is guilty in Rafale deal.

“PM Modi himself robbed Air Force of ₹30,000 crore and gave it to Anil Ambani, we have been raising this since one year. Now a report has come where Defence Ministry officials say that the PM was holding parallel negotiations with the French government,” emphasised Rahul.

Training guns at Modi and the Raksha Mantri, Nirmala Sitharaman, for lying to the nation as well as to the Supreme Court, the Congress president asserted that Modi was involved in the Rafale scam.

Rahul said Modi held parallel talks with France, undermining the standard procedure, seeking his reply over the deal.

“Yesterday, Mr Modi gave a lengthy sermon, why doesn't he answer these questions? Why doesn't he state the reason for parallel negotiations?” added Rahul Gandhi.

Quoting an internal note of the Defence Secretary dated November 24, The Hindu claimed, the defence ministry secretary protested the PMO's intervention in Rafale deal. The MoD under Manohar Parrikar was of view that PMO intervention undermined the Rafale negotiations.

"It is desirable that such discussions be avoided by the PMO as it undermines our negotiating position seriously,” read the note published in the report.

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Published: 8 Feb 2019, 12:00 PM