Uday Singh: BJP’s become a pvt ltd company 

BJP has just become a logicless private limited company. Therefore, echoing the sentiments of my people, I decided to quit, says Former BJP leader Uday Singh

Photo Courtesy: Social media
Photo Courtesy: Social media

Ujjawal Krishnam

The political narrative of present day BJP is extremely dangerous for the existence of India as a democratic nation. If you dissent in the party, you are an anti-BJP and you must be thrown out. And if you dissent about government’s functionality, then you will be labelled as anti-Modi and so ‘anti nationalist’. This notion is completely alien to us because we used to have certain amount of discussion, debate and there also used to be certain amount of rectification by the party. But presently all these stand dismantled.

What is good for Bihar has to be discussed with Bihar leaders, Bihar workers, Bihar people. You can’t sit in Delhi and decide what is good for Bihar. This is ridiculous.

All the meetings or so called sabhas they have are more for tickmarking. Nobody is asked anything. It is just a platform not to encash opinion but to impart lectures.

If you go on the road and pick up the most illiterate person, he would be better than teachers appointed in Bihar. These are long term frauds which have been committed in Bihar. You are creating a state which is basically illiterate and unemployed state.

I just have to say that Nitish Kumar is a bigger PR man than Narendra Modi. Kumar doesn’t need anything except of PR. Press people have to write good for him, else he will get advertisements slashed from press houses. Nitish Kumar has said that Bihar will be Open Defecation Free(ODF) state. Not a single ODF village is an ODF village. There is no toilet there. I have videos. I filed RTIs and I will be filing PIL in Supreme Court that it is the fraud he is committing.

How can you put the whole family in jail just because you find only one of them drinking? This is nonsense. Bihar lost the revenue of 8000 Cr. It has now given birth to a dangerous network of alcohol mafias.

My constituency Purnia has a very significant Muslim population. Even when I was MP, Muslims were very happy to have me as their representative.

The level of corruption, bureaucratic high handedness and failed law & order are today worse than Jungle Raj.In the name of liquor prohibition, dalits and adivasis are being put behind the bars. They have to spend thousands of rupees to get bail while it is common knowledge that senior bureaucrats, people in judiciary and ministers have easy accessibility to alcohol.

My constituency Purnia has a very significant Muslim population. Even when I was MP, Muslims were very happy to have me as their representative. BJP in Purnia behaved completely different from Central or State functionaries.

It is not the question about statistics whether Muslims are 10% or 20, they belong to this country and if they feel threatened by a mainstream political party heading the central government then it is sad. What people like Giriraj Singh say is terrible….

None found Lalu Yadav accepting money personally but if court found him guilty, he has to serve the sentence.. If Lalu Yadav could be convicted for the negligence, why there is no finger against Nitish Kumar on Shelter Home Scandal?

Sushil Modi and others...these are rootless leaders. They don’t have a base. Why doesn’t Sushil Modi fight an election? He is an MLC. He is scared to contest. I would venture to say that he is the most disliked person in the BJP Bihar as he has ruined BJP by advising wrongly to the central leadership

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