The unemployed will be forced to hit the streets in six months, warns Rahul Gandhi

Addressing an election rally in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of not sparing a word on the employment crisis.

NH Photo by Tasleem Khan
NH Photo by Tasleem Khan

S Khurram Raza

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had earlier wondered aloud if the high unemployment in the country was just a coincidence ( Sanyog) or a design ( Prayog) of the Prime Minister, who had used the words to describe the anti-CAA protests. On the penultimate day of the campaigning in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi kept his focus on unemployment and said that the PM and the Finance Minister seemed incapable of addressing the issue.

The crisis, he warned, was acquiring dangerous dimensions and if urgent steps were not taken by the Government, the youth will be forced to hit the street. The Prime Minister would not be able to face the people. “The biggest issue that the country is facing is unemployment but neither Modi nor Kejriwal had done anything to address the crisis and generate employment,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi strongly advocated the need of Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian Unity “The country cannot progress without the communal harmony in the country and if the country will not progress then how the youths will get the employment.” He said within one-year youths of the country will be on streets against Prime Minister Narender Modi.

On Hindu Muslim unity, Rahul Gandhi said “our leader Nadeem Javed quoted Maulana Azad that he said at Jama Masjid in 1947 that he did not want that Independence which is devoid of Hindu-Muslim unity. I would add to what Maulana Azad said that Independence would not have been possible without the Hindu-Muslim unity”. Attacking budget, Modi, Shah and Kejriwal “she (finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman) had to drink water. Who can speak lies for two and a half hours? Only Modi, Shah and Kejriwal has stamina to speak lies uninterrupted for ten to twelve hours.” He said that until there are peace and communal harmony in the country no foreign investor will invest in India and if there will be no investment than the government cannot address the issue of unemployment.

Lanes from four sides, Ajmeri Gate, Sitaram Bazar, Chawri Bazar and Lal Kuan, converged on Hauz Qazi Chowk where brisk trading was going on when Congress senior leaders came and addressed the election rally on Wednesday evening. Congress had put up big screens on all the four lanes leading to Hauz Qazi Chowk as the space in the center, Chowk, was not enough to accommodate people who came to hear Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi connected with the crowd immediately as she started speaking “Sorry for coming after my leaders and actually I came through road and was stuck in Jam as the present dispensation has not done anything to improve the city. Had I taken the Metro, build by Sheila Dikshit, I would have reached on time.”

Addressing the very responsive crowd she attacked Prime Minister Narender Modi for destroying the garden “India is a beautiful garden where different flowers blossoms, but the current regime is hell-bound to destroy this garden.” Knowing well that the three constituencies for which she has come have a large number of Uttar Pradesh Minority population, so Priyanka told her visits to Bijnor, Meerut and Muzzaffar Nagar, Varanasi where people have witnessed police atrocities.

As she presented the report card of the Kejriwal government people raised slogans of ‘Shame, Shame’. “I have brought report card which shows the working of Sheila Dikshit government and Kejriwal government,” said Priyanka Gandhi. Telling the people that Prime Minister Narender Modi has spent Rs 52000 Crores on publicity whereas Kejriwal has spent Rs 611 crores on publicity “They both, Prime Minister and Chief Minister are hungry of publicity and they have spent crores of Rupees on Publicity” told Priyanka.

Connecting with the local people she told that she use to visit Turkman Gate, Sadar Bazar and Chawri Bazar to purchase items for her husband’s business. She stopped her address as she heard Azan voice from a nearby mosque.

People came to the venue one hour before to hear Priyanka and Rahul. One of the transgender sitting in the crowd was talking to the person sitting next to him “who has the papers to prove citizenship, Congress time were good times. Modi government has ruined the country.” One elderly Sikh standing to hear the Congress leaders expressed affirmation to everything that Priyanka and Rahul said. On all four lanes business was going on as usual but the owners of the shops stayed in their shops to hear the speeches of both leaders.

The three candidates Haroon Yusuf from Ballimaran, Alka Lamba from Chandni Chowk and Mirza Javed ali along with Venugopal, P C Chacko, DPCC President Subhash Chopra, Chairman of the Congress Minority Cell Nadeem Javed and two Councilors were present at the stage. After the senior leaders left the venue the three candidates walked in their constituencies with large crowd chanting ‘Congress Zindabad’ slogans.

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