Yogi’s election meetings in Bihar leave NDA a divided house, JD (U) upset at the narrative spun by him

The JD (U), which has put up 11 Muslim candidates, is upset at Yogi Adityanath’s utterances forcing Nitish Kumar to publicly dismiss them as ‘rubbish talk’

UP CM Yogi Adityanath (IANS)
UP CM Yogi Adityanath (IANS)

NH Correspondent/Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was one of the star campaigners for NDA in Bihar election. However, he indulged in pouring religious vitriol in his rallies, leaving NDA as a divided house with JD (U) leaders fuming in anger saying that Yogi’s outbursts could prove costly for CM Nitish Kumar.

Addressing an election rally in Katihar,Yogi Adityanath threatened to throw out illegal migrants. Addressing the rally, Yogi said: “Modi has found a solution to the infiltration problem in the form of the Citizenship Amendment Act. He has ensured that all those who fled Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh following religious persecution feel safe here. On the other hand, those infiltrators who try to undermine the sovereignty and integrity of the country will be thrown out.

The JD (U), which has put up 11 Muslim candidates, is upset at Yogi Adityanath’s utterances forcing Nitish Kumar to publicly dismiss them as faltu baat (rubbish talk).

This ‘faltu baat’ forms the core of the election addresses of Yogi Adityanath. He has addressed over two dozen election rallies; in all of them he talked about Ram Mandir, Pakistan, China, Kashmir, CAA and Pulwama. His speech did not talk about the performance of the Nitish Kumar government or the vision of NDA.

“The abolition of Article 370 was the last nail in the coffin of terrorism,” he said in almost all his rallies. In one of the rallies he even talked about Pakistan, saying “… Pakistan Army Chief was shivering with fear”.

Nomita P Kumar of Giri Institute of Development Studies said that leaders talk about emotive issues when they do not have anything substantial to offer to the masses. “I have no record of what the UP CM said in his election rallies but if he has spoken about Kashmir and Pakistan, it is a clear sign that he wanted to play the nationalism card,” she said.

“What else can you expect from Yogi,” RJD leader Suresh Niranjan said in Lucknow. “He is the Hindu mascot of BJP and is used by NDA to divide people along religious lines. This strategy has backfired in Bihar because Biharis are more politically aware than voters of other states,” he said.

What Yogi said and when:

Madhubani, November 4:

Yogi came down heavily on the Congress and its allies for attacking the fourth pillar of democracy in the most blatant manner. "The way a renowned journalist has been arrested in Mumbai reminds one of the excesses committed in the country during the emergency in 1975,'' he said.

He said people used to ask him about the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. "Now, I proudly announce that the foundation stone of the same has been laid on August 5, 2020 and soon there will be a grand temple,'' he said.

The abolition of Article 370 was the last nail in the coffin of terrorism and today, our soldiers do not hesitate in crossing the borders and killing the terrorists in their homes.

“Pakistan has also accepted in its Parliament that if they had not released Wing Commander Abhinandan, India could have attacked them. Their Prime Minister Imran Khan was sweating in the Parliament and they also confessed that their Army Chief Javed Bajwa was shaking and shivering with fear,”

Balmikinagar, Raxaul and Sitamarhi: November 2:

BJP fulfilled all his promises it made before the elections. "The pro-active action after Pulwama attack, construction of grand Ram temple at Ayodhya and the return of Wing Commander Abhinandan are some of the tasks which showed might of India as a country under Modi.

Daruanda (Siwan) , Lalganj (Vaishali) and Jhanjharpur (Madhubani): October 29

The abolition of Article 370 last year was the last nail in the coffin of terrorists and terrorism and the development-oriented government will soon uproot Naxalism and Maoism from the country. “The UPA has a soft corner for Naxalism and this is evident from the fact that they have given all the tickets of the constituencies surrounding Patna to its ally Communist Party of India (Lenin).

Gone are the days when the country used to be run on ‘Fatwas’, now it is run by the Constitution. We abolished Triple Talaq.

Goriakothi (Siwan), East Champaran, and West Champaran: October 28:

Terrorist attacks were frequent during the UPA regime and now our brave soldiers do not even hesitate to cross the borders and kill the terrorist in their hidings. August 5, 2019 was a historic day when Article 370 was abolished and many political entities are still feeling the pain. It was the last nail in the coffin of terrorism and now our Jawans have a free hand. Now anyone can go to Kashmir, buy land and make a house.

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