Day and Night Test can be one-off but not regular feature, says Virat Kohli

Day/Night Test can be a “one-off thing but not a regular scenario,” India captain Virat Kohli said on Thursday

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Day/Night Test can be a "one-off thing but not a regular scenario," India captain Virat Kohli said on Thursday, asserting that beauty of facing a red cherry on a nervy morning shouldn't be compromised for entertainment's sake.

India is the last major Test playing nation to play a 'Pink Test' as they embark on a new journey against Bangladesh from Friday.

But the Indian captain didn't hide his apprehensions making it clear that "loving Test cricket" should be a choice and not compulsion.

"I think this can be a one-off thing but it should not be a regular scenario. In my opinion, this should not become the only way Test cricket is played. Because then you are losing out on that nervousness of the first session in the morning," Kohli made his stand clear on what he thinks about the latest move.

There is something pristine about Test cricket and it the skipper in no way wants the on-field trials and tribulations faced in white flannels to be compromised one bit.

"You can bring excitement into Test cricket but you can't purely make Test cricket based on just entertaining people. Entertainment of Test cricket lies in the fact that a batsman is trying to survive a session and the bowler is trying to set up a batsman (to get him) out. If people don't respond to that, too bad," Kohli said.

Kohli believes that loving Test cricket is an organic feeling and not something compulsory.

"If I don't like Test cricket, you can't push me into liking it. If someone gets excitement or boost from watching the battle between bat and ball and great session of Test cricket, in my opinion those are the people that should come and watch Test cricket because they understand what's going on." India's last series against South Africa witnessed a less than encouraging turn-out and the result was this D/N Test as Sourav Ganguly took the initiative up front after becoming the Board president.

"Yes, it's great to create more buzz around Test cricket. The first four days here are sold-out, which is amazing for Test cricket." "Imagine the boost our bowlers have standing at the mark with some 80,000 (67,000) fans cheering for him. I am expecting very exciting cricket in the first hour because the energy level will be very high. I am sure the fans would enjoy it. It's a landmark Test and we are lucky to be the first Indian team playing it. It's a great honour," he concluded.

Kohli also advocated former India captain and NCA Director Rahul Dravid's idea of having a proper calendar to revive Tests.

"It would bring a lot more system and a lot more sync into people planning their calendars as well. It can't be random. If you have centres which are marked an if you have Test calendars, which are marked, people will have a better system as to how we can plan to get into those Tests.

"People are not just going to leave work and come to a Test match if they don't know what's going on. They can plan things. I think this can be a one-off thing, it should not be a regular scenario," he maintained.

Look forward to next 5 days, says Sourav Ganguly on Twitter

The man who played a crucial role in convincing India skipper Virat Kohli to agree to play a pink ball Test against Bangladesh is none other than current Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly as he has focussed on the need to rejuvenate Test cricket.

The iconic Eden Gardens is all set to make history on November 22 when India and Bangladesh play their maiden Day-Night Test match.

In a video posted on Twitter, Ganguly wrote: "Well BCCI and Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB)... look forward to 5 days @JayShah."

While the team of Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri have already made giant strides in making this Indian team one of the best in the world, Ganguly's addition has only cemented the base further as India looks to dominate world cricket.

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