Kanyadaan: A play by Vijay Tendulkar relooks at age old rituals 

Black Pearl Arts performed Vijay Tendulkar’s Kanyadaan at Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts on October 2. The play highlights age old issues of caste discrimination and inter-caste marriage in India

Kanyadaan: A play by Vijay Tendulkar relooks at age old rituals 

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Black Pearl Arts presented Kanyadaan, the Hindi version of well-known author and playwright Vijay Tendulkar’s play at Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts on October 2. Directed by Amul Sagar, the play is worth watching with a strong social and political message. It’s primarily Vijay Tendulkar’s writing that makes it such an impactful play.

Kanyadaan, which is one of his best works, brings into focus the age-old conflict between upper and lower castes with its social, logical and political dimension and effectively reflects how it is corroding our culture and society. The Director Amul Sagar depicts the caste conflict effectively and conveys how politicians capitalise on class and caste discrimination instead of trying to abolish it. The play succeeds in stirring some questions in our mind but he does not bother to answer them. As a creative person, he does not take sides.

Kanyadaan: A play by Vijay Tendulkar relooks at age old rituals 
A scene from the play ‘Kanyadaan’

Amul Sagar, the founder & director of Black Pearl Arts has a clear objective--he wants to fight for social causes through theatre. He feels most concerned about women empowerment, corruption, HIV/Aids awareness, road rage, blood donation etc. He supports budding artists and provides the enthusiasts with a platform.

Black Pearl Arts is a Delhi based theatre group actively staging plays on social causes for 5 years now. Performing Kanyadaan on Gandhi Jayanti was a kind of tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and his endeavours for making our society a healthy and progressive one.

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