See why Twitter users are laughing at BJP’s manifesto

BJP’s manifesto for 2019 released on Monday contains 75 ‘promises’ as against 440 in 2014. But that is not why people are having a good laugh on Twitter

Photo courtesy: Twitter
Photo courtesy: Twitter

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The Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday turned an event to release its manifesto to another platform to deliver election speeches and abuse the opposition. But as details were highlighted, the initial reaction on Twitter were wide eyes , raised eyebrows and laughter. The hashtag #BJPJumlaManifesto began trending on Twitter in a matter of minutes.

Salman Soz, an economist himself with a stint in the World Bank, fired the first salvo and voiced his surprise. “₹25 lakh cr for rural development in the next 5 years. (₹5 lakh cr per year). Reality: Rural development budget 2019-20: ₹1.2 lakh crore. Show me the money.

Others were quick to follow. BJP’s claims on rural electrification were debunked by Amitabh Dubey, who tweeted: The truth about rural electrification.

Another ‘Sankalp’ over infrastructure development also came in for ridicule. “Such ridiculous nonsense. Rs 100 lakh crore for infrastructure. This is #VibrantGujarat 2.0. Guys, we are in the hands of incompetent jokers,” tweeted Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha, who couldn’t hide his exasperation and tweeted, “These guys don’t know the E of economy, J of jobs, A of Agriculture. But they know how to bullshit. #BJPJumlaManifesto

Salman Soz also stepped in to point out that Sushma Swaraj was being economical with the truth. He tweeted:

Sushma Swaraj: 134 km/day of rural roads built under #PMGSY. A record not achieved before. Reality: 164 KM/day achieved in 2009-10.

Editor of Caravan magazine Vinod Jose invited readers to read the Modi Meter, an examination of the 440 pledges the BJP had made in 2014: “Only 75 promises this time? Modi’s 2014 manifesto had 440+ promises. Caravan fact-checked all of them...”

Amitabh Dubey pointed out the familiar tendency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to claim credit for everything. “ PM Modi wrote in the #BJPManifesto: "In the last five years every Indian family got a bank account due to Jan Dhan Yojana". Reality: Modi inherited from UPA NPCI, Aadhaar, IMPS, RuPay card & 25 cr accounts. He contributed 32 cr accounts.

Several Twitter users wondered whether the medi pundits will ask the BJP to explain from where the funds would come as they had persistently asked the Congress on its pledge to implement NYAY for 20% of the poorest Indians.

“Congress promises 6000 Rs under NYAY scheme to poor MEDIA: Unimplementable Scheme, Who will pay for such Scheme, Why wud middle class suffer,Such appeasement BJP promise 6000 to every Kisan in Manifesto MEDIA : Game Changing step, Such a philanthropist scheme, Ab Badlega Desh!”

A relentless Salman Soz soon chipped in with this tweet: “ Will finish pending projects under Sinchai Yojana. REALITY: Of 99 irrigation projects promised by 2019, 74 still awaiting canal construction.”

Soz, who has written a book on the Modi years, reminded the Middle Class how they have been taxed by the BJP Government.

“Here's what middle-class India should know. You got taxed more while corporate share of tax revenue decreased. What exactly has the Modi govt done for India's middle-class voters? Jobs for kids? No. Better education? No. Clean air? No. Higher taxes? YES!”

“2014 version of #BJPManifesto: We will take welfare measures for farmers over 60. 2019 version of #BJPManifesto: We will provide pension for farmers.”

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