#TalesOfBalNarendra trends at first spot on Twitter in India on Thursday

We bring you a compilation of the posts on #TalesOfBalNarendra that attracted the most retweets and likes

A screengrab from one of the posts on Twitter
A screengrab from one of the posts on Twitter

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On the afternoon of October 31, even as the world went about its everyday business – and north India in general and Delhi NCR, in particular, gasped for breath in air turning noxious by the minute – several thousand users of microblogging website Twitter took to posting messages on it using the hashtag #TalesOfBalNarendra, which at one point of time attained the number one ranking on trending hashtags in the country.

The Twitterati seem to have taken to the idea following PM Modi’s visit to his mother’s place in Gandhinagar to see her before he headed out to participate in the Unity Day events.

#TalesOfBalNarendra was officially trending at no.1 in India on Thursday!! Cheers to that! And don't forget, all the credit goes to Modiji!

National Herald accessed the timeline of the hashtag and compiled the posts that attracted the most retweets and likes, as reproduced below:

Bal Narendra participated in a 100 metres race in school once. His cameraman came first!

Bal Narendra has two dates of birth. The first time when he was born, the cameraman was not ready, so he went for a retake.

Bal Narendra once played 'hide and seek' with his friends and hid behind the clouds. Even the radars couldn't find him.

Bal Narendra had no post office in his village. So (he) invented e-mail.

Bal Narendra once shaved a man's head. It's been decades and his hair still doesn't grow!

Once Bal Narendra met his mother without a camera.

Once Bal Narendra went to watch The Oscars. He walked away with Best Actor award.

Once Bal Narendra failed in exams. He blamed Nehru for it.

Once Bal Narendra participated in Crocodile Tear Shedding competition, Crocodile came Second.

Bal Narendra once stole money from home. ... He called it Demonetisation.

Bal Narendra once participated in a drama in school. He was so good at acting that his teachers advised him to consider a career in politics.

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Published: 1 Nov 2019, 3:20 PM