20 million corona cases by October?

Sudden spike in cases has been recorded in last few days, a study reveals that if the present rate of increase continues then India might witness a high of 20 million corona cases by October 2020


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India's struggle against coronavirus is getting tougher as the rate of positive cases accelerates unprecedentedly.

COVID-19 cases accelerate unprecedentedly

A fresh study of the Mumbai-based International Institute for Population Sciences has come up with shocking projections

New study makes shocking projections for India

The study reveals, that if the virus continues to spread at the present rate, India might see a high of 20 million corona cases by October this year .

India might witness 20 million cases by October

While if the ongoing third phase of lockdown till May 17 is "implemented with full vigour this number can be controlled

Strict measures needed to control the growth

The analysis shows that if the ongoing third phase is implemented effectively and the lockdown is extended until May 24...

Lockdown needs to be extended till May 24:study

The reproduction rate is likely to become less than one (0.975) and if further extended till May 31, the RO will be 0.945.

Extended lockdown will reduce the reproduction rate less than 1

In this scenario, the COVID-19 pandemic may begin to recede and infected cases shall start to decline

Lockdown till May 31 will help infection decline

and less than 0.01% (0.14 million) of the India’s population is likely to be infected by July 2020.

With effective measures infection will reduce to .01%

If the third phase does not deliver requisite results then the number of people estimated to be infected with COVID-19 could go up to a high 20 million by October.

If lockdown 3.0 fails, 20 million cases by October

These are the findings of a study on the future projections of COVID-19 infections in India based on RO of infections till May 3.

Study based on RO infections till May 3

In the study steered by researchers at the department of public health and mortality studies at IIPS,

Research reveals the fast speed of virus spread

COVID-19 infection started in India by the end of January 2020 and spread across all the states by April 2020.

Infections shooted to 65000 during lockdown

The corresponding duration of pandemic has increased from two months to more than 6 months

Duration of pandemic has increased to more than 6 months

COVID-19 case recovery rate in India is a matter of concern as it is comparatively very low.

Recovery rate of COVID-19 is very low: study

This may be due to the early stage of the infection in the country. Slow recovery leads to swollen figures of active cases

Swollen active cases due to slow recovery rate

The researchers point that the government must take measures to try to push the case recovery rate

Government not pushing enough: research

in the absence of which the chance of re-occurrence of infection is very high.

Chance of re-occurence of infection  is high

Indian government needs to implement strict manners and proper code of conduct.

Government lacks  strategy and control

Government needs to check the loopholes and gear up to flatten the curve to avoid a spread surge

Immediate measures needed to flatten the curve

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