Bhopal woman & fruit vendor’s complete incident

Bhopal vendor says 'can't fight the rich after a woman throws his fruits on the ground


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Bhopal vendor says 'can't fight the rich after a woman throws his fruits on the ground

Recently a video from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal went viral on the internet. In the video, an angry woman was seen throwing some fruits on the road from a fruit seller's cart. The woman did not stop even after the fruit seller requested her to stop.

Apparently, the incident is a few days old and after the police were called in the woman's husband paid nearly Rs 2,000 for the damage caused to the fruit seller.

The fruit seller whose fruits were thrown on the road stated to a portal

"I have incurred the loss of nearly Rs 5,000-6,000 and they have given me Rs 2,000. That's okay. I pooled another 1,000 from the savings and gave it to my wholesaler. The rest I will pay in installments. We agreed to the compromise because we know we are poor people and can't fight the rich."

Reportedly the incident happened when the lady had parked her car on the road and a fruit seller's cart gently touched the woman's car while passing. After the woman saw a scratch on her car she lost her cool. She first shouted at the seller and then started throwing fruits from his cart.

According to the passers-by, the woman had behaved in a similar manner in the past as well. When they urged the vendor to file a complaint against her he dialled 100 and informed the police about the incident.

After the video went viral Bhopal’s collector Avinash Lavania, stated on social media that the officials are directed to identify the woman and fruit vendor so that appropriate action can be ensured.

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