Bomb to explode: Azadpur Sabzi Mandi

Lockdown, distancing may keep you secure from virus, infection but how to deal with virus that has already entered kitchen, Asia’s biggest vegetable market, Azadpur Sabzi Mandi is new hub of COVID<b>-</b>19


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As you are confined to your homes to prevent Coronavirus, it might have already intruded

You might be wearing masks and distancing with people, but the virus might have entered your refrigerator

It sounds shocking but you might be eating vegetables infected with virus

Asia's largest vegetable hub,the Azadpur sabzi mandi of Delhi has now become the virus hub

As many as 15 vegetable traders from Azad pur mandi have been tested positive for Covid-19

Deepak Shinde, DM North Delhi confirmed that all 15 vegetable vendors are infected with coronavirus

Authorities claim that these traders are not directly connected to the mandi, but the impact of the virus spread cannot be denied

Contact tracing for the positive traders is being carried out to calculate the effect of infection

Last week a 57 year old trader related to Azadpur mandi had died due to Covid-19

After this two more deaths of vendors  have been reported from the same market

Scores of test samples await results and more than fifty percent of the market is closed

The possibility of virus spread by 15 infection carriers might bring out drastic figures after the tracing is done

The mandi gets its supply from all major vegetable growing parts of the country

Azadpur Mandi is the supplier of vegetables to thousands of vendors that cater to lakhs of households

It's almost impossible to figure out the source and contacts of the virus infected vendors

Moreover, there is a huge possibility of contamination of vegetables with the virus

The positive cases indicate that the scale of virus spread could be drastically high

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain has said that the mandi is being disinfected

After the spread of virus,Delhi government claims that preventive measures are being taken

The damage control by the government cannot stop the virus chain already spread

Azadpur Mandi continues to operate during lockdown as a part of essential services

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