Congress asks government for ‘cost-benefit ratio’ of unplanned lockdown  

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise drastically in last four weeks, the containment strategy by the government has become highly questionable


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As the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise drastically in last four weeks, the containment strategy by the government has become highly questionable

1. Government's containment strategy a failure

The Congress has argued that the lockdown imposed by the Centre had had little impact on containing the spread of coronavirus but resulted in huge economic losses and a large number of deaths given its “unplanned” nature.

2.Lockdown brought huge economic losses and failed to control in virus spread

The party asked the government to explain the cost-benefit ratio of lockdown

3. Explain the cost-benefit ration of lockdown:Congress

Congress has alleged the Narendra Modi-led government has become synonymous with inefficiency, incompetence and insensitivity.

4.Modi Government is inefficient, incompetent and insensitive:Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed imposing the first lockdown that India will overcome the virus battle in 3 weeks

5. PM claimed India will overcome the pandemic in 3 weeks

Bite : Narendra Modi-PM

But now after eight weeks of lockdown, the government is clueless about the whole chaos created by its unthoughtful handling of the pandemic

6. Government is clueless about the chaos created by it

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi pointed out that reported coronavirus-positive cases went up from 618 to 1 lakh plus between March 25, when the nationwide lockdown was implemented, and May 18, when relaxations came into force.

7. Coronavirus cases went up to 1 lakh amid the lockdown

He also pointed out that an expert from the NITI Aayog had predicted that no fresh case would emerge after May 16, and accused the government’s Covid task force of data jugglery.

8. Congress has accused government of false prediction and projection of data

Reeling out statistics, Singhvi said India’s testing rates continues to be low even as positive cases and deaths are mounting and asked whether the government is running on auto pilot

9. Congress questioned the low testing rates inspite of mounting death rates

. Arguing that the number of positive cases, deaths and testing are the three major parameters for gauging a country’s response to the pandemic, he said the government has “failed miserably on this”.

10. Government has failed on parameters of cases,deaths and testing

Congress has said that itthis government has no strategy for going into lockdown or coming out of it

11. Government has no exit plan-Congress

“What has been the cost-benefit ratio of an unplanned lockdown and a clueless government on how and when to exit it? Let the nation judge.”

12. Congress has asked for cost-benefit ratio of the lockdown

India’s unemployment rate is at a record high of 27.1 per cent, out of 12.2 crore people who have lost jobs,9.13 crore are small traders and labourers.

13. 12.2 crore people have lost jobs during lockdown

Congress has claimed that 383 people have died due to the lockdown until May 10.

14. More than 383 people have lost their lives during lockdown

Indian economy has faced unprecedented losses due to the lockdown and the 20 lakh crore stimulus package is just a play of numbers

15.Economy suffers huge losses due to lockdown

Government tries to cover up it's failure in management of the Covid-19 pandemic by the announcement of the 'Aatmnirbhar' Bharat abhiyan while majority of Indians struggle for survival.

16.Government tries to hide the failure by superficial 'Aatmnirbhar Bharat' campaign

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