Congress preparing a national database for migrants  

The Congress leadership is working towards building a national database of migrant workers


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The Congress leadership is working towards building a national database of migrant workers.

1. Congress is building a national database of migrants

The database will be linked to the party’s constant and future outreaches at a time of crisis.

2. Database will be linked to party's outreach programmes

The migrants have suffered badly due to the lockdown as they lost their jobs and have been pushed to poverty for years

3.Millions of migrants have turned jobless due to lockdown

The miseries of the poor workers due to lockdown have stirred the nation as they walk barefoot in hunger towards their homes

4. The miseries of migrants have stirred the nation

Congress has been appealing the government to help these workers who have lost everything due to the lockdown as they are totally ignored

5.Congress has been voicing the concerns of the migrants

A videoconferencing between AICC and PCC chiefs of about 15 states, which have significant inflow/outflow of migrant workers, was held to firm up the action-plan for the people in need

6. AICC and PCC Chiefs are preparing an action plan for migrants

Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi has conveyed the party’s ongoing humanitarian help for migrant workers, the party volunteers are contributing to the poor across the country

7.Sonia Gandhi has called for humanitarian help

AICC general secretary KC Venugopal, AICC in-charge for coordinating Covid-19/lockdown relief works Rajeev Satav, AICC technology and data cell chairman Praveen Chakravarty, and AICC social media cell chairman Rohan Gupta are representing the central leadership in the strategy session with the PCC chiefs.

8.The Covid19/Lockdown relief task force of Congress is making a strategy

With the backing of Rahul Gandhi, this data-base plan is being conceived and executed by the AICC’s data and social media departments

9. AICC's data and social media departments are executing the plan

The database will be executed  through three platforms the party has launched to offer humanitarian help to the stranded migrants.

10. Database will be executed through 3 platforms

These include the recently-launched Congress helpline services and chatbot named 'Congress Mitr' (i.e. UP-CongMitra, Gujarat-CongMitr, etc) across states where migrant workers are being encouraged to reach out to the party for help.

11.Migrants are reaching out to 'Congress Mitr' helpline services

While hearing them out and offering to reach out with help, these two platforms also have a questionnaire  on the caller’s name, contact phone number, the state s/he belongs to, details of the home district, village, ward and post office.

12. Information is being gathered through questionnaires

The helpline and Congress Mitra chatbot then assure help and a promise to take up the matter with the respective CMs/senior officers while promising to remain connected.

13. The concerns of migrants are being taken up to respective CMs

The third platform is a three-way coordination mechanism involving PCC units that collect data/information from respective state governments

14. PCC units are

collecting data from state governments

  They then share this data/information among them and through the AICC centre for reachout.

15 Data is being shared with AICC

The helpline was initiated in UP by Priyanka Gandhi, called UP Mitra. Several other states are using it effectively now.

16. Priyanka Gandhi initiated UP Mitra

According to the party, 12 crore people have lost their jobs during the lockdown and out of these 9 crore are migrant labourers

17. 9 crore migrants have lost their jobs during lockdown

The extensive database being prepared by the Congress will be used to help the migrants not only in Covid-19 crisis but also in future.

18. Database will be used to reach out to all migrants in need

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