Congress welcomes Eid with a pledge to serve more

Festival of kindness and gratitude, Eid is unusual this time as it comes amid the corona battle, lakhs of poor migrants are struggling for survival


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Festival of kindness and gratitude, Eid is unusual this time as it comes amid the corona battle, lakhs of poor migrants are struggling for survival

1. Eid is unusual amid corona crisis

Congress has pledged to make Eid special with the pledge of service and harmony

2. Congress pledges for service and harmony

Rahul Gandhi has been raising concerns over the issues of the migrants as they suffer in hunger to reach back home.

3. Rahul Gandhi is raising concerns over struggling migrants

Bite : Rahul Gandhi

Top leadership of the party has been questioning the government over the chaos created by unplanned lockdown and mismanagement of the crisis

4. Unplanned lockdown resulted in chaos in the country

Sonia Gandhi has not only suggested the measures to overcome the crisis but has united the opposition to help the poor in distress

5. Sonia Gandhi has united the opposition to help the migrants

Bite : Sonia Gandhi, Congress President

Besides pointing out the loopholes of the government's crisis management system,Congress has been strategically serving the poor who turned jobless and homeless due to lockdown

6. Congress serving the people most affected by the pandemic

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has been contributing to serve the migrants specially in Uttar Pradesh where Yogi government has been playing politics and stopping the party workers and buses

7. Priyanka Gandhi is contributing to the crisis

Priyanka Gandhi had sent one Lakh masks for people in need and she has motivated the congress volunteers to speed up the service they have been offering

8. Priyanka Gandhi has motivated the party workers for service of the poor

Congress had arranged for 1000 buses which were denied entry by UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Congress state president has been sent to jail in false charges, said Priyanka

9. 1000 buses arranged by congress were denied permission by UP CM

After the political act by UP government, Priyanka Gandhi has given a strong message to the government that the party will continue to work fearlessly

10. Party will continue to work fearlessly: Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka has made an appeal to all party workers on the occasion of Eid , to speed up the service for the people in need .

11. Priyanka calls for more service on the occasion of Eid

Congress volunteers have set up scores of community kitchens and shelter homes to help the poor migrants and all those who need any kind of help

12. Congress volunteers speed up help after directions from Priyanka Gandhi

The party workers have been working hard to make sure that no family remains hungry this eid

13. Congress haa made special help groups for Eid

In a touching message Priyanka Gandhi has said, we are Mahatma Gandhi's party and service is our core value.

14. This is Mahatma Gandhi's party: Priyanka Gandhi

Bite: Priyanka Gandhi

As the government ignores the pain and distress of poor, Congress is moving ahead on the path of service.

'Service will not stop' is the new motto of the Congress

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