Covid-19's journey in 2021

2nd wave, Black Fungus & new variant: The different phases of Pandemic in 2021


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Will normalcy be back in 2022?

It would not be wrong to say that 2021 proved even deadlier and unluckier than 2020, the beginning year of Covid-19 pandamic in terms of mortality and the spread of Covid-19 infections.

As the nation faced a fierce second wave in April this year vaccination drives across the world gave hope in the tough times.

But what came as a shock to everyone was that the virus adapted itself and created new variants. Let's take a look at the journey of Covid-19 in 2021 and how it impacted everybody.

1) Delta variant & 2nd wave

In 2021 Covid-19 vaccines were available. However, as soon as the vaccination drive started the Delta variant came and the nation faced a huge second wave of Covid-19 in April-May that shattered our health infrastructure.

The higher transmissibility of the Delta variant caused a lot of damage to the lives of young people of the country as the younger generation was not vaccinated at the time.

2) Black Fungus scare

When the patients were struggling to recover from Covid-19, some cases of black fungus started increasing. The bone-and-tissue-eating fungus affected multi organs of the patients including lungs, skin, sinuses, eyes and even brain. The common symptoms of the fungal infections were blackening or discoloration of nose skin, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing of blood. It mostly affected coronavirus patients with weakened immune systems and diabetes. Apparently it occurred due to the bruised immunity caused by Delta virus, use of steroids and industrial oxygen used to treat patients.

Recovery & the new variant

After recovering from the second wave, the vaccination drive in India picked up and by October 2021 the milestone of 100 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses was achieved.

Despite the global efforts of vaccinating as many people as possible, the most developed and medically advanced countries are still struggling to control the pandemic.

In India, we continue to have new cases, but in less numbers and currently Omicron is the latest variant of concern.

Since a large population in the world is still not vaccinated experts say we have to accept that Covid-19 will take time to go away from our lives and we have to learn to stay with it and keep ourselves safe from it. As of now the only solution is to ensure everyone is vaccinated so the chances of this virus mutating into something deadly is reduced.

Well, the countdown for the new year has begun and as we are bidding adieu to the 2nd year that we spent in the pandemic, we hope for normalcy in 2022.

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