In this country forgetting wife's B'day is illegal

Here is how Samoa is hell for careless husbands. Forgetting wife's Birthday is an offence in Samoa


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Here is how Samoa is hell for careless husbands

Forgetting wife's Birthday is an offence in Samoa

How forgetting a wife's birthday can land someone in jail?

There are countries around the world where minimal action or activity, which may appear harmless, may get you into legal troubles.

For instance, forgetting your wife’s birthday could actually get you into legal trouble in Samoa.

Apparently, in Samoa, if a husband accidentally forgets his wife’s birthday, he may have to face jail time as a punishment.

According to the law of Samoa, if a husband has accidentally forgotten the birthday of his wife, it comes under the category of crime and if the wife complains about this to the police, the husband may land in the lock-up.

Reportedly, if a husband forgets his wife's birthday for the first time, he will be warned by the police to not repeat it. But If the husband makes the same mistake again, the punishment is given in the form of jail time.

Well the beautiful island named Samoa may be as beautiful as heaven, but it can be hell for careless husbands.

There’s no denying that birthdays are special, but if it becomes a legal offence if you forget your wife’ birthday, then it is scary!

However, it is not as scary as it seems because legal arrangements have been made for the husband to rectify his mistake.

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