India’s rank slips to 86th in corruption perception index 2020   

India’s rank has slipped six places to 86th among 180 countries in CPI in 2020. For 2020, Transparency International (TI)‘s CPI was released on January 28


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India's rank has slipped six places to 86th among 180 countries in corruption perception index (CPI) in 2020. For 2020, Transparency International (TI)'s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) was released on January 28.

The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople use a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. A country with a higher score has a higher rank. India's rank is 86 out of 180 nations with a score of 40. In 2019, India's score was 41.

"India was ranked at 80th position out of 180 countries in 2019. The CPI score for India is almost constant this year as well as the previous year's score," the index said.

Denmark and New Zealand topped the list with scores of 88, followed by Finland, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland (85 each). Like in previous years, more than two-thirds of countries scored below 50, with a global average score of just 43.

The average score in the Asia-Pacific region, which encapsulates 31 countries, is 45. India’s score of 40 is below both the global average and the Asia-Pacific average. India’s score is also lower than that of China, which scored 42 with a rank of 78.

However, Pakistan fared poorly with a score of 31 and a rank of 124. In the Asia Pacific region, New Zealand was the top performer. Other top-scoring nations were Singapore (85), Australia (77), and Hong Kong (77).

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