Modi and Shah destroying democracy: Congress

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has alleges that in upcoming Rajyasabha elections BJP s attempting to buying and selling of MLAs , Gehlot has called Modi and Amit Shah destroyers of democracy


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BJP has been trying to topple Congress government in Rajasthan after Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, CM Ashok Gehlot has alleges that in upcoming Rajyasabha elections BJP s attempting to buying and selling of MLAs , Gehlot has called Modi and Amit Shah destroyers of democracy and said that in the time when country is battling COVID-19 , BJP is busy distributing pain instead of relief

Democracy is being destroyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah at a time the country is fighting coronavirus, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said today, alleging attempts to topple his government by the BJP.

1.PM Modi and Amit Shah are trying to destroy democracy: Ashok Gehlot

"At this time, we have to decide who is distributing dard (pain) and who is distributing davaa (medicine)," Mr Gehlot said, addressing a press conference along with his Deputy Sachin Pilot and other Congress leaders in Jaipur.

2. Gehlot said that BJP is distributing pain instead of medicine

The Chief Minister said even when the world was battling the virus crisis, the BJP was busy bringing the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh down.

3.When world was battling BJP was busy toppling Congress government in MP

The Congress in Rajasthan has complained about "attempts to destabilise the government" and alleged that its MLAs and independent lawmakers supporting its government are being offered inducements to switch sides.

4.Congress has complained about attempts to destabilise the government

Since last year, the Congress has lost power in two big states, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, after multiple defections led to the BJP taking power.

5.Congress lost power in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh

Turmoil in Rajasthan has peaked over elections to three Rajya Sabha seats on June 19.

6.Turmoil in Rajasthan has peaked over election to 3 Rajyasabha seats

Sachin Pilot, the Deputy Chief Minister and Rajasthan Congress Chief, said the party had enough numbers to win two of the seats and no one is leaving the party.

7.Party has enough numbers to win 2 of the seats:Sachin Pilot

"We have the numbers to win both the Rajya Sabha seats. We have the support of independents. There should be no speculation that we don't have numbers to win. Don't mislead people. All MLAs are with us," Mr Pilot said, denying that his party was in crisis.

8. BJP is trying to mislead people:Pilot

On Congress MLAs being put up in resorts, apparently away from the reach of the BJP, Mr Pilot claimed: "We have got together at these hotels as we have not met for three months."

9. We have got together to plan the strategy: Sachin

The Congress has 107 MLAs, including six from Mayawati's BSP who switched last year. The party also has the support of 12 of the 13 Independent MLAs in the 200-member Assembly.

10. Congress has claimed enough strength to win the Rajyasabha seats

The BJP has 72 MLAs and the support of four more from partners and independents.To win a Rajya Sabha seat, each candidate needs 51 first preference votes.

11. To win one Rajyasabha seat each candidate needs 61 first preference votes

The Congress has enough MLAs to win two Rajya Sabha seats. The BJP has, however, put up two candidates instead of one, which has sparked the current row.

12. BJP has put up two candidates which has sparked the row

The BJP can turn the tables even if the 12 Independents currently backing the Congress change their mind.

13. Congress has said that BJP is trying to use unfair means

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said: "Do you have the numbers for a second candidate? This exposes your evil designs".

14. Congress has alleged that BJP has been exposed of its evil designs

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