#ModiFailsIndia a top trend on Twitter, PM Modi faces public wrath

The anger and disappointment in public is evident from the latest trends on social media. The PM had to face wrath of public with more than 41 thousand tweets with #ModiFailsIndia


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India has landed into multifold trouble due to the mismanagement of the pandemic and economy by the Modi government. Coronavirus cases have crossed 15 lakh mark and economy is in shambles, millions of people are jobless and millions have been pushed into poverty. The anger and disappointment in public is evident from the latest trends on social media. The PM had to face wrath of public with more than 41 thousand tweets with #ModiFailsIndia

India is facing the most difficult time in the recent history. More than 15 lakh people are battling the deadly disease while thousands succumb to it each day. The country is in a free fall of pandemic.

The mismanagment of the coronavirus pandemic has invited unprecedented trouble for the nation as the unplanned lockdown hit the economy pushing millions of Indians into poverty due to joblosses and crashing bussiness.

The faulty policies of the Modi government have made people angry as they feel betrayed and befooled. This anger against the Modi government is now evident

All major social media spaces are full of people's angry voices.#ModifailsIndia has been the latest hashtag trending onTwitter for more than 24 hours with more that 45 thousand tweets lashing out at the Modi government over various problems.

These tweets hit out at the Modi government over dozens of issues ranging from mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis to Unemployment, brutal murders and demonetization.The issue of unemployment is one of the major issues of discontentment in public.In 2017-18 unemployment was the highest in 45 years, today that number is almost double, there is no comparison to any year in Indian history.

Raising issues of national concern,  Congress questioned the EIA 2020, calling it the greatest threat to our environmental integrity. It said,

"The new rules are in essence a "Pollute & Pay Scheme", granting polluting industries a free pass to destroy our ecology.

The BJP govt is intent on destroying our future. "


One of the netizen tweeted ,

" Congress lifted 27cr people out of poverty in 10 years. Modi is pushing 40cr people back to poverty in just 6 years rule.

Imagine how nightmarish next 4 years gonna be...

Another tweet said, GDP Nosediving

Covid cases No.3

Communal Harmony far from existence

Petrol/Diesel Prices - Taxes all time high in World

MLA's are bought & Govt's are made by buying MLA's

Constitutional Institutions are doing Slavery

Neighbors are enemies!

Netizens have also supported there criticism for the government with data and evidence. The data shows how PM Modi's decisions have been harming the nation. One such tweet said,

Modi ji was reviewing the economy related decisions and economy sunk.

He started looking into Corona Virus Management and Corona cases on rise.

We are going to touch 15Lakh mark on Covid infections.

Flattened the wrong Curve


The #ModifailsIndia trend is just an example of growing discontent and disappointment in people for the government.Apart from Twitter this hashtag was also seen trending on facebook, instagram and other prominent social media platforms.

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