Modi’s failed diplomacy turning borders vulnerable?

The situation in Ladakh has been building up over last five weeks and the Modi government failed to handle the situation diplomatically


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The violent brawl at the Galwan Valley resulted in death 20 soldiers of the Indian Army, the situation in Ladakh has been building up over last five weeks and the Modi government failed to handle the situation diplomatically, India’s bittering relations with China and Nepal show the government’s casual approach and weak foreign policy

Twenty brave hearts of the Indian army were martyred in Laddakh in a violent face off with the Chinese troops.

1. 20 bravehearts of the Indian Army were martyred in a violent face-off with Chinese army

The tension building up on the borders is the outcome of the failed diplomacy of the Modi Government

2. Tensions at borders is the outcome of failed diplomacy of Modi government

The tension at India China border has been building up since May when frequent clashes between the troops took place

3. The tension at the border has worsened over time

The Congress has termed the death of 20 soldiers in a violent face-off with the Chinese troops as shocking and unacceptable

4. The incident is shocking and unacceptable: Congress

Congress has asked Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to confirm the development and be clear on next move

5. Congress asked the Defence Minister to confirm the development

"Shocking, Unbelievable and Unacceptable! Will the Raksha Mantri confirm," Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said on Twitter.

6.Congress has been raising concern over the situation at the border

Rahul Gandhi had questioned the government about the escalating situation at the border in a series of tweets on India China border tension

7.Rahul Gandhi had questioned the government over the face-off

Indian Army  confirmed in a statement that 20 lives  were lost in a violent face-off in Galwan Valley of eastern Ladaki.

Senior military officials of the two sides held a meeting in Galwan Valley to defuse tensions.

8.Military officials of the two sides held a meeting to defuse tensions

The government has been weak in the handling of the foreign diplomacy resulting in disturbed relations not only with China but with Nepal too

9. The weak foreign diplomacy has resulted in deteriorating international relations

The defence minister Rajnath Singh has been claiming that everything is alright at the borders inspite of the violent face offs between Indian and Chinese troops

10 Rajnath Singh falsely claimed that all is well at the border

A large number of Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a standoff in Ladakh's Galwan Valley for the last five weeks.

11. No resolutions could be made over five weeks of standoff

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh said ,"It is time now for the Centre to take some stringent measures as each sign of weakness makes the Chinese reaction more "belligerent",

12.Centre must take some stringent measures: Captain Amrinder

"The happening in the Galwan Valley is a continuation of violations by China. It is time now that the country stands up to these incursions. Our soldiers are not fair game that every few days officers and men are being killed and injured defending our borders,Singh tweeted

13.The country must stand up to these incursions: Captain Amrinder

Rahul Gandhi had said earlier  that the pride and dignity of India cannot be compromised upon and the government must keep the nation in confidence

14 India's dignity cannot be compromised: Rahul had earlier said

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Published: 17 Jun 2020, 1:14 PM