Nation wants to “#banrepublictv”  

Twitter continues to trend with #banrepublictv after false news regarding Jamia shootout was highlighted with full audacity by the political editor

Nation wants to “#banrepublictv”  

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Twitter continues to trend with #banrepublictv after false news regarding Jamia shootout was highlighted with full audacity by the political editor on Thursday.

It was only a few moments after the incident that Republic TV started saying that students who were opposing the CAA opened fire.

The channel's political editor and anchor did not stop here ... He said that the gunman had the support of the Aam Aadmi Party and Rahul Gandhi.

Not only this, the channel wrote in bold letters on its screen, 'Real Face of Anti-CAA Protests' i.e. the real face of CAA protest ...

The Political Editor of Republic TV present on the occasion shouted, "Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal answer how they are supporting it.

Under what circumstances are they supporting such people because all this is happening under the CAA…. ”

After all, was this true what Republic TV was serving? This attitude of the channel was not only wrong and false, but also provocative.

Just a day earlier to this incident, Kunal Kamra, a well known stand-up satirist  was banned by all airlines including Indigo, just for asking simple question to Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami during a flight.

The flight pilot during which the incident took place , said that no activity or talk of Kunal Kamra threatened any passenger's life and neither Kunal Kamra violated any instructions.

The pilot said this in a detailed report sent to his airline IndiGo about the incident.

As the false news was being carried on Republic TV, the reality was revealed. Allegedly this 17-year-old youth who fired was not one of the protesters, but he came to take revenge and teach them a lesson.

He had made his intention clear even before coming here. Shortly before the shooting incident, he wrote in his Facebook post, 'I am giving freedom ...'

He also wrote that he is the only Hindu in the entire demonstration and there is no Hindu media there, wrote in another post… Shaheen Bagh game over….

But all this was not seen by Republic TV and he continued to blame the CAA opposition to the incident.

The channel also kept saying that when the young man took out the pistol, why did the police not take any action.

But even for this, Republic TV blamed the Delhi government and no questions were raised to the home minister of the country.

Throughout this, it has been written in the top and lower bands on the channel that the real face is the opppsition of CAA.

Its editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, who appeared on Republic TV in the evening, apologized for the mistake in the style of the shoe.

The twitter trend #banrepublictv shows how people refuse to be misguided by  the biased media institutions of the country anymore.

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