“Nowhere in the game”: Rahul Gandhi slams centre on coronavirus testing

India has only tested just over 2 lakh people as of now, experts fear that due to lack of testing kits actual penetration of deadly virus in India is still unknown


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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has questioned the government's efforts at increasing coronavirus testing

Government has extended the ongoing nationwide lockdown to May 3 to contain the pandemic.

Rahul Gandhi has accused the government of dropping the ball on purchasing test kits on time

The Congress leader said India's testing was in the league of nations like Laos, Niger and Honduras.

"India delayed the purchase of testing kits & is now critically short of them. With just 149 tests per million Indians...

...we are now in the company of Laos (157), Niger (182) & Honduras (162).

Mass testing is the key to fighting the virus. At present we are nowhere in the game," Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi's remark came as the number of people infected with coronavirus in India had reached 10,363, with 339 deaths.

Although the numbers are small compared with hard-hit Western nations, health experts fear...

... that is because of India's low levels of testing, and actual infection levels could be far higher.

Lacking testing kits and protective gear for medical workers, India had only tested just over 2 lakh individuals

India is far behind Italy which has conducted 15,935 tests per million people and United States at 8,138.

Health experts have warned that widespread contagion could be disastrous in India

India faces an added challenge with millions living in dense slums and the health care system is overstretched.

Rahul Gandhi has been questioning the government over its handling of the coronavirus crisis

Government is ignoring the lack of enough protective gear or PPEs to medical professionals

India is under crisis triggered by the abrupt nationwide lockdown and inadequate testing.

PM claimed, India was one of the first countries to start screening passengers at airports

The government is not putting the facts ahead but indulging in self praise

The fact remains that India is not testing enough to know the actual penetration of the deadly virus

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