One year of Modi 2.0, nightmare for economy & poor  

1 year of Modi 2.0 has been unprecedentedly difficult for India on all major fronts, economy suffered badly and India has been pushed to poverty, Lockdown created havoc in lives of millions of poor


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One year of Modi 2.0 has been  unprecedentedly difficult for India on all major fronts, economy suffered badly and India has been pushed to poverty, Lockdown created havoc in the lives of millions of poor, lack of strategy, thoughtfulness and policy has hit India hard adding to the woes of corona crisis, hundreds of migrants lost their lives and thousands are still stranded on roads, On the occasion of Modi 2.0 anniversary, India witnesses social unrest, devastated economy and diplomatic hassles

As Narendra Modi completes one year of his second tenure as Prime Minister, India witnesses a worst at most of the major fronts

1. First year of Modi 2.0 has been worst for India on many fronts

The lost economy, dying poor and struggle for survival by thousands of migrants marks the first anniversary of Modi 2.0

2.Economy, poor and migrants struggle for survival

The year has been full of unrest with major losses of harmony, democratic values and political health.

3. The year has been full of unrest

Right after PM took charge in his second tenure, a wave of communal disturbances hit the country with dozens of incidences of mob lynching.

4. Communal harmony remained disturbed, mob lynchings took place

full of incidences of with

The scrapping of Article 370 also witnesses a total loss in law and order in Kashmir with leaders put in house arrest for months and people under long curfew

5. Kashmir saw long unrest after Article 370 was scrapped last year

Later part of the year saw a continuous downfall in the economy with lakhs of people losing jobs and businesses being shut.

6. Economic losses, job cuts and ending businesses mark first year of Modi 2.0

December 2019 came with the arbitrary and divisive law CAA that brought a total loss of faith in the government among people

7. CAA made people lose faith in the government

Not only India but the world community stood up in protests against the unlawful act, India witnessed police atrocities and hundreds of people lost their lives in violence majorly in police action

8. unprecedented protests took place in India and globally against CAA

PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah  faced criticism for the divisive CAA and protests like Shaheen Bagh became symbols of solidarity against the intensions of the government

9. PM Modi and Amit Shah were criticised globally for the CAA

The list of failures and flaws did not stop with CAA, it continued with the extravaganza of Namaste Trump where hundreds of crores of money was used to welcome US president Trump at the time when India should have prepared to fight Corona

10. Namaste Trump happened when India needed to prepare for Corona battle

The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the worst of all failures of Modi 2.0. The government responded very late to Corona and could not estimate the danger.

11. The government responded very late to corona

Low testing, lack of PPEs, shortage of isolation beds, masks and ventilators hit India hard in the Covid-19 battle resulting the whole pandemic getting out of control

12. Lack of PPEs, low testing, shortages of ventilators hit India hard in Covid battle

Then came the unplanned Lockdown which created chaos in the country, the lockdown pushed India into poverty for decades to come, it turned millions jobless, food less and homeless

13. Unplanned lockdown created havoc in the country

Thousands of migrants are still stranded and forced to walk home in distress due to the thoughtlessness  of the government, hundreds of deaths were witnessed due to the lockdown

14. Migrants remain stranded, hundreds of deaths happened due to lockdown

The dropping GDP growth is the biggest failure of the Modi Government where

the government's claims of Rs 20 lakh crore package to revive the economy proved to be ambiguous

15 The low GDP and false claims of stimulus package prove the failures of Modi 2.0

Escalating tension with China in the Ladakh region and disturbed equations with Nepal has shown how the government has failed diplomatically

16. Tension with China and Nepal show diplomatic failure of the government

The Anniversary of Modi 2.0 overlaps with the most painful and crucial time for the country and the major contribution to India's distress is the failed Governmnet

17. One year of government's performance has brought India in trouble

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Published: 30 May 2020, 5:41 PM