Paxlovid tablet 90% effective in Covid?

The antiviral Covid-19 pill Paxlovid by Pfizer is effective against coronavirus


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Now oral medicine for COVID-19 is possible?

The antiviral Covid-19 pill Paxlovid by Pfizer is effective against coronavirus

US drugmaker company Pfizer has said that their experimental COVID-19 tablet Paxlovid is effective against Covid-19.

The renowned drug company recently submitted their data to the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies to approve while asking for the emergency use in high-risk individuals.

In their data the drug company revealed that its study on over 2000 people has confirmed that the pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by about 89 per cent among the patients who were at high-risk and started taking the oral medicine shortly after initial COVID-19 symptoms.

According to the data disclosed by the company, Nobody in the trial who received the Pfizer treatment died. However, 12 deaths were recorded among placebo recipients and they will continue the trial and release more data when it's done.

The Pfizer pills are taken with the older antiviral ritonavir every 12 hours for five days beginning shortly after onset of symptoms. If authorized, the treatment will be sold as Paxlovid.

Notably, currently no oral antiviral treatments for COVID-19 are authorized in the United States.

The company has said if given approval it can have 180,000 treatment courses ready to ship this year and plans to produce at least 80 million more in the coming year.

Talking about the same, Pfizer's chief scientific officer, Mikael Dolsten stated

''Pfizer is looking to expand that output further as new variants, like the newly-discovered Omicron, could push the need for antivirals substantially higher. Current vaccines appear to be less effective at preventing infection with Omicron.''

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