PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' Skips Substance

PM skips to talk about most important issues in 'Mann ki Baat', he once again ignored to assure nation of plan that govt has, he instead put complete responsibility on people to stay alert and safe



The country is facing an unprecedented challenge of the exploding pandemic and shattered economy, the Prime Minister skips to talk about the most important issues to assure the nation in his monthly radio programme 'Mann ki Baat', PM once again ignored to assure the nation of the plan that government has to protect it from the pandemic, he instead put the complete responsibility on the people to stay alert and safe.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again ignored people's 'Mann ki Baat' addressing the nation through his radio programme.

1. PM ignored important issues in 'Mann ki Baat"

In the 66th edition of his monthly radio programme "Mann Ki Baat" Prime Minsiter generalized the issues and did not answer the important questions regarding the handling of the pandemic

2.PM did not touch the important issues in "Mann ki Baat"

Prime Minister said that half the year is over. On Mann Ki Baat, we have been discussing a wide range of topics. These days, people are commonly talking about one thing -- when will 2020 end. They feel it has been a year of many challenges -- Coronavirus, Cyclone Amphan, locusts and the situation at the border.

3.PM talked about the challenges India is facing in 2020

There could be any number of challenges but our history shows that we have always overcome them. We have emerged stronger after challenges. Guided by our strong cultural ethos, India has turned challenges into successes.

4. PM Modi philosophically said we can turn challenges to success but failed to put forth the role of his government

Prime Minister skipped to talk about the rising graph of coronavirus positive cases and what the government is planning to control the spiral spread of the virus

5.PM skipped to talk on the rising graph of the pandemic and how he plans to tackle it.

The lockdown has badly failed to contain the virus and has affected the economy of the country but Prime Minister has been boasting of the decision instead of implementing an alternative plan

6.The lockdown failed badly but government has no alternative plan

Prime Minister did not assure people about any measures being taken by the government to protect them from the pandemic.

7.PM Modi did not make any announcements on the measures to contain the virus

On the border issue also Prime Minister delivered generalized comments, he said that the world has seen India's strength and our commitment to peace. At the same time they have seen that we will not let anyone try to take our border

8. PM said we will not let anyone take our border

We have given a befitting reply to those who threatened our integrity in Ladakh.

Make the country self reliant -- this is the tribute we can pay to our soldiers. The soldiers have always kept India safe.

9 Appealing people to make the country self reliant,PM did not even name China in his address

PM once again put the onus on the people to protect themselves from the pandemic as he said people's alertness can only save them from the virus.

10. Prime Minister told people to stay alert

to protect themselves from the pandemic

PM said, had coronavirus and lockdown not been there, we would have never realised the importance of life. Without talking about the hardships people faced during the lockdown,he glorified the lockdown

11.Prime Minister glorified the lockdown without mentioning how it has ruined the economy of India

The monthly ritual of Modi's 'Mann ki Baat' failed to answer the questions Indians wants to know about the handling of pandemic and the revival of the shattered economy

12.PM Modi skipped the questions of pandemic control and revival of the economy

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