PM says, carelessness is causing COVID-19

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for 6th time during the pandemic, but instead of assuring the nation about a strategy to fight the virus PM blamed the people of carelessness during unlock


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday ahead of Unlock2.

Prime Minister said that people are getting careless since the Unlock 1.

1. Prime Minister addressed the nation on Tuesday

As the COVID-19 graph is escalating fast and steep, people expected Prime Minister to announce some major measures to control the spread of the pandemic

2. People expected a plan to control the pandemic but were disappointed

Narendra Modi,Prime Minister

Prime Minister said that he has noticed a rise in carelessness by the people in following the Covid-19 prevention measures and according to the PM, this has been one of the biggest reasons for the spiking number of positive cases

3. PM said, carelessness is increasing among people.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Prime Minister also sighted examples where bigwigs were being fined for not wearing masks , this instance can be taken as a warning from the Prime Minister

4. People can be fined for not wearing masks

Narendra Modi,.Prime Minister

Prime Minister emphasized on the package his government has spent for the free disbursal of 5Kg ration to 80 crore people for three months

5. Prime Minister lauded his government for providing foodgrains to 80 crore people

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Indian economy has gone into shambles due to the failed lockdown but instead of accepting it, PM took the credit for the

Decision saying that it averted danger for India

6. Instead of accepting the failure of the lockdown, PM lauded the decision

Prime Minsiter listed the amount his government had spent for the poor, he said government spent 31000 crore rupees under jandhan yojana

7. Government spent Rs.31000 crore under jandhan yojana

Prime Minister announced the extension of Pradhan Mantri gareeb ann yojna till November under which poor people will get 5kg foodgrains free till November

8.PM announced free 5kg ration for poor till November

Prime Minister said his government will be spending a total of 1.5 lakh crore for the same

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

PM said the government is working on one nation one ration card scheme and is committed to increase the economic activities soon but gave no details on the strategy

9. PM gave no plans on the economic revival

Prime Minister skipped the issues of national security and pandemic control.strategy while made most of his focus on self applause

10. PM skipped the issues of national security and pandemic control strategy

Once again the Prime Minister made it clear that people have to protect themselves and blamed the people for being careless

11. PM puts the blame on people for pandemic spread

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