Priyanka Gandhi leads ‘E-Andolan’ for migrants

On the martyrdom day of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. Congress paid homage in an unusual way


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On the martyrdom day of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. Congress paid homage in an unusual way

1. Congress salutes Rajiv Gandhi by rising for the migrants

Congress along with all top leaders have been raising concerns of the poor labourers,migrants, farmers and all those who have suffered due to the lockdown

2. Congress becomes the voice of unheard masses

According to the party, Rajiv Gandhi always talked about standing in the interest of a workers and poor.The party is carrying forward the same values.

3.Congresss upholds the values of Rajiv Gandhi to stand with the poor

50000 congress workers joined for a facebook live as a mark of revolt against  the UP government that stopped the aid to the workers

4. 50,000 congress members streamed live on Facebook

These Congress workers raised concerns of the struggling migrants who have been completely ignored by the government

5. Congress workers slam the Yogi government for the 'bus politics'

As thousands of workers walk home on foot without food, water and money, Congress had arranged for 1000 buses for these migrants in the leader ship of Priyanka Gandhi

6.Congress had arranged for 1000 buses for the migrants

Inspite of  Priyanka Gandhi's letters and video appeal messages ,UP Government did not allow the buses that could have ferried about 92000 workers home

7.. UP government's dirty politics did not let congress help the migrants

After four days of waiting at the state borders, buses returned. Workers kept walking. BJP politics crushed humanity.

8 Migrants continue to walk while 1000  buses return empty

Not only were these buses stopped, but congress state president Ajay Lallu was also arrested by forging a false case.

9  Congress state leader was arrested

Right from the beginning of this corona disaster, the Congress party has said that during this disaster, humanity is first for us and then politics.

10 Humanity is above politics: Congress

Priyanka Gandhi in a message said that Congress party has helped 67 lakh people.

11Congress has helped 67 lakh people: Priyanka Gandhi

On the call of Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Party has also done the work of paying the rent of the workers back home.

12.Congress has been standing with the migrants on every front

Congress has once again stood in solidarity with the poor and workers of the country, through the facebook live, party has pledged to be doubly devoted to serving people.

13 Congress pledges to be doubly devoted to the people in need

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