Rahul evolves as a leader of masses during COVID-19

Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a well informed leader of the biggest opposition of the country, his contributional approach has made him a leader with a positive approach.


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During the Pandemic,

We have been seeing a new avatar of Rahul Gandhi over the last three months.

1.COVID-19 has unveiled Rahul Gandhi's new avatar

He has not only been actively intervening – in quite a measured, thoughtful manner – as an opposition leader in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, but also appears to have come a long way from how he led the Congress during last year’s parliamentary elections.

2.Rahul Gandhi has been actively intervening as a responsible opposition leader

Rahul Gandhi's foresightedness about the severity of the pandemic is evident from the fact that he alerted the government long before the coronavirus spread broke out in the country

3.Rahul Gandhi alerted the government long before the pandemic arrived

Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Modi with the charges of corruption in Rafale deal yet in his one-to-one interviews with the experts , he did not show a similar aggression.

4. Rahul Gandhi for has been focussing on how he can contribute

He came across as a friendlier, calmer individual with a contemplative streak. There was an obvious disjunction between what he was and what he portrayed. During Covid crisis Rahul has been heard saying that he doesn't want to criticise but to move ahead in a positive manner

5.Rahul Gandhi said he doesn't want to criticise but to help the government

Gandhi sent himself into self-imposed exile after a humiliating defeat in the general elections, forcing his party to press his mother, Sonia Gandhi, to steer the sinking ship.

6. Rahul resigned as President of the party but is working in full swing

As PM Modi has had to deal with a major economic crisis and health emergency, the former Congress president has emerged as a self-assured and well-informed leader of the biggest opposition party in the country.

7.Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a well-informed leader of the biggest opposition party

Before the Vividh crisis Rahul Gandhi's parliamentary interventions garnered quite a bit of attention, especially on the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and the proposed National Register of Indian Citizens, and on the Union government’s move to render Article 370 ineffective.

8.Rahul Gandhi strongly put his disagreement on CAA and NRC

Through the coronavirus pandemic, however, Rahul seems to have warmed up to a greater leadership role, by voicing concerns of the migrants rendered jobless, homeless and penniless.

9.Rahul Gandhi has been voicing concerns of the poor migrants

In his multiple virtual interactions, Rahul has shown a thoughtful side. Even as Congress president Sonia and the party machinery have trained their guns directly at the government, he has refrained from attacking the prime minister directly, and has instead questioned the opacity of his government.

10. Rahul Gandhi has been questioning the opacity of Modi government

He turned into a quasi-journalist when he interviewed economists Raghuram Rajan and Abhijit Banerjee, Health experts and ambassador Burns to seek advice on mitigating the economic disaster and political reshaping during the crisis.

11.Rahul Gandhi has been suggesting the government through his interactions

His frequent interventions have helped make the labour crisis in India the most important issue to be addressed during the lockdown.

12. Rahul Gandhi made the labour crisis the most important issue during the lockdown

At the same time, he has been voicing, in what has been a largely suggestive spirit, a more wholesome plan to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

13. Rahul Gandhi has been suggesting a wholesome plan to tackle COVID-19

Rahul Gandhi has called for a strategic planning to handle the crisis . He has been frequently talking about the migrants, MSMEs, revival of economy and improvement in the healthcare system

14. Rahul Gandhi has been the voice of the poor, MSMEs and COVID fighters

Rahul Gandhi has tried to be constructive rather than being confrontational. Rahul Gandhi has evolved as a leader of the masses during the COVID crisis.

15 Rahul Gandhi has evolved as a people's leader during COVID-19 crisis

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