Rahul Gandhi Shares the migrants’ tale of tears  

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made sure that the voices of the poor migrants in distress do not remain unheard


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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made sure that the voices of the poor migrants in distress do not remain unheard.

1. Rahul Gandhi becomes the voice of migrants

Bite: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi released the video of his interaction with migrant labourers who were walking near Sukhdev Vihar flyover in Delhi to return to their home states.

2.Rahul Gandhi reached out to migrants on the streets

Rahul Gandhi had met these labourers on May 16 and the Congress Party had shared a few pictures of Rahul Gandhi's interaction with the migrant labourers in Delhi.

3.Congress party shared Rahul Gandhi's pictures on the twitter

In the interaction video released today,Rahul Gandhi is seen asking the migrants about their woes and struggles

4 Rahul Gandhi shares the pain of migrants

Bite: Rahul Gandhi

One of the migrants said, "lockdown turned us jobless within hours and we have no money,no food and we just want to reach home anyway"

5.Migrants are desperate to reach home

Bite: Migrant

One of the migrant workers said, they should have been given some buffer time to fall back home before the lockdown

6. Migrants said they got no reaction time before lockdown

Bite:Migrant worker

Rahul Gandhi asked the workers if they received any help from the government,to which migrants said they have only been tortured by the police, government has just abandoned the poor.

7. Government has abandoned the poor: migrants

One of the migrants said they would need jobs once they reach back home as they are left with nothing after the lockdown

8.We need work once we reach back home: Migrant labourer

The most painful voice came from a migrant who said, we are not worried about corona but hunger is a bigger danger to us

9. Not corona but hunger is our worry:migrant

Bite : Migrant labourer

Rahul Gandhi assured these migrants of every possible help and not only arranged for vehicles to send them home but also arranged for help at home

10.Rahul Gandhi helped these migrants reach home

Bite: Migrant labourer

Rahul Gandhi has once again appealed the government to transfer an amount of Rs 7500 directly to the accounts of these migrant labourers

11. 'Nyay' is the need of the hour:Rahul Gandhi

(Rahul's Appeal for Nyay in the video)

They are not the ordinary public of the country, they are the flag bearers of the country's self-respect. We will never let them bow down," said Rahul Gandhi

12. We will never let them bow down- Rahul Gandhi

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