Rahul Gandhi speaks up for MSMEs and Migrants

Congress continues to strive hard to help government overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, Rahul Gandhi came up with suggestions to government to reopen the economy and help migrants still away from home


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Rahul Gandhi takes ahead the series of contribution put forth by the Congress party in India's battle against COVID-19

In a video media briefing, Rahul Gandhi suggested a strategic plan to open up the economy after the lockdown

Rahul Gandhi said that the government needed to "give transparency" on an exit plan after the coronavirus lockdown, due to end by May 17.

"The government should be transparent in the opening. We need to understand when they will open, what is the criteria, what are the boxes they need to check off.

The government should spell out the criteria," the Congress leader said at a press conference via video link.

"We simply cannot continue without providing support to people who are suffering because of the lockdown...

A lockdown brings a psychological change. It is not an on-off switch," he added.

Rahul said, massive coordination is needed between the government and states, and the government and the people.

Rahul Gandhi said this was "not the time to criticize the government" on the crisis.

"Our supply chain and the health system of red, orange and green is clashing...

The migrants and the poor need money immediately. The MSME need money immediately...

If not looked after today,the lack of jobs will become a tsunami," said the Congress leader.

Rahul Gandhi has been holding series of talks with experts like Raghuram Rajan and Abhijeet Banerjee

When asked about these conversations, Rahul said,"I speak to a lot of people. A lot of conversations are interesting."

"I thought I would like to give a glimpse of these conversations to the people of India. There is no other strategy," he replied.

Rahul Gandhi said, Congress party has been working to find ways to contribute to the government in its fight against coronavirus

According to Rahul, the focus should be on revival of the economy and helping the people in need immediately

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