Rahul slams Modi government as COVID-19 crosses 5 lakh

As number of COVID-19 positive cases cross 5 lakh mark in India, people are under panic and the govt is in silent mode, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has slammed the government for its unpreparedness


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As the Covid-19 cases cross the 5 lakh mark, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi takes on the Modi government for its inactive approach to fight the virus

1.Rahul Gandhi slams Modi government for non-serious handling of the pandemic

Congress leader and former party chief Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that the Modi-government is refusing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Rahul Gandhi said Modi government is refusing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

The number of coronavirus cases in the country has crossed the 5 lakh-mark.Rahul Gandhi tweeted out a media report in support of his comments and remarked that while coronavirus is rapidly spreading into new parts of the country, the government “has no plan to defeat it”.

3. Rahul Gandhi said, "Government has no plan to defeat the coronavirus"

The prime minister is silent, Rahul Gandhi tweeted.“PM is silent. He has surrendered and is refusing to fight the pandemic,” Gandhi posted in a tweet on Saturday.

4. "PM is silent,he has surrendered and is refusing to fight the pandemic"

The past few weeks have seen Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party launch stepping up attacks at the Centre over Covid-19 pandemic and the India-China border row.

5.Rahul Gandhi has been questioning the centre over Covid-19 and India-China border row

On Friday, Rahul urged PM Modi to speak up about the violence at Ladakh’s Galwan Valley where 20 Indian Army soldiers lost their lives in a face-off with the Chinese army.

6.Rahul Gandhi also urged PM to clarify on the face-off with the Chinese army

In a series of video messages released on Friday, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka stepped up attacks on the Modi government over the Ladakh face-off.

7. Sonia Gandhi,Rahul and Priyanka released videos to question the government

Rahul Gandhi has been suggesting measures to fight the pandemic after interactions with the experts but the government has no strategy for the virus battle

8. Government has been ignoring the measures suggested by the experts

Rahul Gandhi had also attacked the government for the unplanned lockdown that failed to control the spread of virus

9. The unplanned lockdown failed to contain the virus

The government still has no plan to fight the virus , said Rahul Gandhi, the government is not communicating with the people about the crisis

10. Government is not communicating with the people

People are in unprecedented fear and panic as the pandemic is exploding each day with new figures and there is no sign of relief from the government

11. Country is under panic while government is in silent mode

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