‘Reconsider’ the package, Rahul demands Modi

Rahul Gandhi has urged PM Narendra Modi to “rethink” the Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package announced this week and channel the money directly to the needy


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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi urged the government to reconsider its Rs 20 lakh crore package for the coronavirus-hit economy

1.'Reconsider the Rs 20 lakh crore package- Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi warned the government of a "catastrophic problem" if it did not put money into the bank accounts of people worst affected by the outbreak and lockdown.

2. Rahul Gandhi warned the  government of a "Catastrophic problem" if it did not help the poor immediately

Addressing reporters via a Zoom video call, Rahul Gandhi expressed "serious reservations" about government's  "package of loans" that did not provide immediate on-ground relief for farmers and migrants.

3.Farmers need immediate on-ground relief and not "package of loans"

"Our people need money. Prime Minister should reconsider this package. Modiji should think about direct cash transfer, 200 working days under MNREGA, money for farmers, because they are the future of India," Rahul Gandhi said.

4.Migrants and farmers are the future of India, they need to be looked after today-Rahul Gandhi

Rahul also highlighted the NYAY scheme proposed by his party while campaigning for general elections last year - which offered annual income support of Rs 72,000 to the poorest sections of society - and urged the government to come up with a similar plan.

5.Scheme like NYAY with income support of Rs 72000 is the need of the hour

"The migrant labourer walking on the street needs money, not debt. The farmer who is suffering needs money, not debt," Rahul Gandhi said

6.Labourers walking on the roads need money, not debt, said Rahul

Congress leader made that same request of PM Modi this week, asking for direct transfer of "at least Rs 7,500" to the bank accounts of migrants left jobless by the lockdown.

7.Rahul Gandhi demanded direct transfer of at least Rs. 7500 to migrants

Earlier this month Nobel Prize-winning economist Abhijit Banerjee, in a discussion with Rahul Gandhi, had also suggested the same

8.Dr.Abhijeet Banerjee had also  suggested direct transfer to poor workers

The coronavirus outbreak - India has reported nearly 86,000 cases and over 2,700 deaths so far - has affected lakhs across the country, with migrant labourers and daily wagers among the hardest hit.

9. India has reported over 86000 cases and 2700 deaths while migrants are worst hit due to lockdown

Distressing visuals have emerged over the past weeks of men and women left with no choice but to walk hundreds of kilometres home in punishing weather, often without money, food, water or shelter.

10. Distressing visuals of migrants walking hundreds of kilometers in hunger are emerging everyday

Rahul Gandhi has been particularly vocal about the crisis, repeatedly urging the government to ensure they are fed and allowed to get home safely

11.Rahul Gandhi has been demanding the government to ensure they reach home safely

The government this week announced a fiscal relief and stimulus package that had not much measures for stranded and struggling migrants.

12. Stimulus package by government came with no relief to struggling migrants

However, the Congress said this was a "jumla" package that had no direct benefit for farmers or migrant labourers.

13. Congress said, it was a "jumla" package

Rahul Gandhi said that unless the government ensured a significant level of demand from consumers across all economic sections, the country would struggle to recover from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

14. Government must put money in people's accounts to boost the demand:Rahul Gandhi

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