Salman Khan bitten by a snake

Salman Khan got a snake bite during the Christmas celebration in his Panvel farmhouse


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Just before his Birthday Salman Khan got bitten by a snake

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who usually celebrates his birthday and special events at his Panvel farmhouse with his family and close friends was bitten by a snake at the farmhouse.

Reportedly, he was bitten by a non-venomous snake and after getting treated was discharged from the hospital on the morning of Sunday 26th Dec.

According to the sources, Salman went to Panvel for Christmas celebration with his family and was sitting and chatting with some friends when the incident happened in the wee hours.

The sources say he felt a sudden sting in his arm and jerked it that’s when his friend saw the snake. They panicked and immediately yelled for help.

After the incident, he was immediately rushed to a private hospital in Navi Mumbai for treatment. Apparently, he was in the hospital for around 6-7 hours and is doing fine as the snake was not venomous.

Reportedly, Salman has seen many snakes in and around this farm which is huge and sits on a lot of jungle area. While he has always asked his caretakers to be extra careful, this was the first time he had a snake bite.

Moving on, Salman will ring in his 56th birthday at the Panvel farmhouse tonight which will be a low key affair only with some close friends and family. He shares his birthday with sister Arpita Khan Sharma's daughter Ayat who will turn 2 this year.

Usually, Salman's guest list is extensive but in the last two years due to Covid-19, he’s kept it very small and plans to do the same this year as well.

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