Second wave of coronavirus might hit India soon: AIIMS Director

Dr Randeep Guleria, Director AIIMS has warned that India is vulnerable to the second wave of Coronavirus and it might hit the country soon after the cases begin to decline


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AIIMS director Randeep Guleria has warned of a second wave of Coronavirus in India

1. AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria warned of a second wave of Coronavirus

According  to Guleria India is  vulnerable to second wave of coronavirus and people should continue to take precautions

2. People should continue to take precautions: Guleria

A large volume of cases is concentrated in specific areas like hotspots, and in order to maintain things in order, we may need a limited lockdown in these areas, he said

3.Dr.Randeep Guleria suggested a limited lockdown in hotspots

India has jumped past 4.5 lakh coronavirus cases and 14,476 people have succumbed to the viral infection so far, Dr Guleria said a micro-plan to prevent leakage of cases from hotspots to other non-containment areas must be considered

4.Dr.Guleria said, a micro plan is needed to avoid leakage of cases from hotspots

When cases come down significantly, people tend to drop their guard against the viral infection, and this leads to the second wave (which means a sudden increase in the number of cases).

5.When cases decline, people drop their guard which leads to second wave:Guleria

Dr. Guleria said, "after cases begin to decline, people should continue to follow the precautions -- continue to maintain social distancing ,If people do not follow social distancing then the spike in cases is apparent. We need to take these precautions at least for one year."

6.We need to take precautions at least for one year:AIIMS Director

The expert also said that an extensive testing of people and also extensive contact tracing of people who have got in touch with positive people should be ensured.People who have developed symptoms should get themselves tested, especially in the containment areas.

7.Extensive testing and contact tracing should be ensured

Dr.Guleria also said that the cases will continue to increase for some time. The doubling time of cases has also increased. But, the cases will also begin to flatten. Though, it is difficult to give an exact time period in this viral infection, it seems, the growth in cases will flatten in the end of July or beginning of August.

8. The curve might flatten before the second wave

As a measure, we need to decrease community participation and citizens should continue to follow social distancing. People should get themselves .These precautions will also prevent us from the second wave, as the virus is still lurking

9.The virus is still lurking and precautions can only prevent a second wave

70 per cent of cases are in 10 cities,We need to focus on hotspots and identify cases in these areas at an early stage.

10 Cases should be identified at an early stage in hotspots

The population density is very high in these cities. People in lower socio-economic status are highly vulnerable to the viral infection, as many live together in small spaces and there is a lot of mixing of people happening there, Said Dr.Guleria

11 People in lower socio-economic status are highly vulnerable to the infection: Dr. Guleria

In  a numbef of places peeople are not following social distancing and not wearing masks. In fact, many are in close vicinity of each other.This can result in a dangerous second wave, Dr Guleria warned

12.Gatherings at markets may result in dangerous second wave of Coronavirus: Dr. Guleria

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