Videos of the Semeru volcanic eruption go viral

14 were killed & dozens of people were injured in Indonesia due to the eruption of Semeru volcano


NH Web Desk

Recently a volcanic eruption happened on Semeru volcano, situated on the tallest mountain of Java island in Indonesia.

As the volcano erupted local residents panicked and started running for their lives. Apparently, when the Semeru volcano erupted, towers of ash and hot clouds spread all-over which created havoc amongst the local people and they started running from their houses. Some of the videos of the incident are going viral on the internet.

Due to the volcano eruption, reportedly 14 people have died so far and dozens have been injured. Currently, the rescue operations are underway.

With the eruption there was some thunderstorm and rain, which pushed lava into smoldering debris, and formed a thick mud that destroyed a bridge as well. As of now a huge area is covered in deep layers of ashs that is hampering the rescue work.

Notably, the Semeru volcano is among the nearly 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia and it is situated at a height of over 3,600 metres. The volcano had erupted in January this year as well, but at that time no casualties were reported.

The archipelago of Indonesia straddles a population of over 270 million and the area is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

In 2010 the eruption of the Merapi volcano on Java island had killed over 350 people and displaced 4,00,000 residents.

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