Why did Modi not prepare in time?

India has fallen prey to the deadly coronavirus as the government took it casually on arrival


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi met home minster Amit Shah and Health Minister to discuss the Covid-19, situation, PM instructed the ministers to prepare for the pandemic, the question is why PM gave these instructions for preparedness only after 3 lakh 20 thousand positive cases  in the country, the delayed and flawed response of the government has pushed India to damage due to disease and lockdown both

India has fallen prey to the deadly corona virus as the government took it casually on arrival.

1. India is badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic

The government and the Prime Minister awakened only after the number of COVID positive cases reach 3 lakh 20 thousand

2. The Prime Minister responded too late and too little

  PM Narendra Modi is now instructing his cabinet  to prepare for the pandemic when India has reached the fourth rank in terms of  number of cases

3.Prime Minister Narendra Modi now called for preparation

The inept handling by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government has worsened the situation with unplanned lockdown and late response

4. The late reaction by the government boomed the pandemic

As always, the down-trodden sections of the society have had to bear the brunt of it. Doctors, nurses, health workers, and police personnel too have had to suffer a lot since the country was not prepared for this tragedy.

5. The country has suffered as government had no strategy

When the government should have planned and prepared for the crisis , it kept lauding and boasting that the total number of casualties and infected person in India were less compared to rest of the world

6.First two months government kept lauding itself

Now when India goes on to win the wrong race of highest number of cases, the Prime Minister held meeting with his ministers and directed them to make preparations

7. Prime Minister told his ministers to prepare now

The warning signals were there in February itself. A note of caution from Rahul Gandhi of the Congress on February 12 to this effect was dismissed by the government as an attempt to create unnecessary panic.

8.Rahul Gandhi had cautioned but Prime Minister ignored

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with ministers and officials on Saturday to review the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

9 PM reviewed the country's response to COVID-19

Home Minister Amit Shah, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and the principal secretary to PM Modi, among others, attended the meeting.

10 Amit Shah and Health Minister attended the meeting

PM Modi took note of the recommendations of the empowered group on city- and district-wise requirements of hospital and isolation beds, and asked Health Ministry officials to make emergency plans in consultation with the states and Union Territories.

11 PM told officials to make emergency plans

He asked the Health Ministry to ensure proper preparation as monsoon is approaching.

The COVID-19 situation in Delhi was discussed and projections for two months were analysed.

12  PM instructed Health Minister to prepare for COVID-19

After PM instructed ,Amit Shah and Harsh Vardhan to called an emergency meeting with the Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, senior bureaucrats and municipal corporation leaders to make a comprehensive plan to fight COVID-19 in the national capital, where cases have been rising

13 Amit Shah and Kejriwal discussed the situation in Delhi

In Delhi, the situation is particularly dire with the Aam Aadmi Party government this week predicting the caseload will balloon 20-fold to more than half a million by the end of July, which the healthcare system appears woefully ill-prepared for.

14 Central and Delhi government both are ill prepared

Damages and miseries caused by the pandemic could have been much less had the government swung into action in time.

15. Damages and miseries could have been less if government had acted in time

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