EU asylum policy

European Union asylum policy exists to develop and harmonize principles and measures used by member states to regulate migration processes and asylum claims in the EU

EU asylum policy (Photo: DW)
EU asylum policy (Photo: DW)


Ever since the migration crisis in 2015, the EU has been engaged in internal negotiations to develop an effective European migration policy. The aim is to regulate and control the high number of migrants.

Solidarity, expressed with respect to natural human rights, is one of the central principles of migration policy when coordinating political and social forces to solve the migration issue.

Migration policy and its implementation relies on data regarding the current state of affairs, in particular statistics relating to the numbers of legal — and illegal — migrants crossing European Union borders.

Despite the fact that migration policy is determined internally, it also serves as an international regulator owing to the associated impact on the crossing of state borders. As a result, the development of such policy is directly affected by events at an international level.

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