The humble millet gets its place under the sun, as a superfood

The Asadh Mela organised by INTACH and Bhoomi ka emphasised on importance of millet through workshops. It provided an opportunity to explore safe food through food conversations and film screenings

NH Photo by Pramod Pushkarna
NH Photo by Pramod Pushkarna

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The Asadh Mela was organised by INTACH and and Bhoomi Ka on July 7 to celebrate the importance of organic food. The Mela was dedicated to create awareness amongst consumer about the organic food and the revival of Millet, which is a nutrient dense crop, it prevents and helps in management of lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabeties.

Cooking demos using different varieties of millets--from the all too familiar bird feed bajra, to the Southern preference ragi--, tasting, food curating, talks and film shows on the idea of farm to fork, livelihood, planet protection, all comibed to make the mela a fun outing for the scores of enthusiasts who had converged at the venue.

Pallavi Upadhyay, whose “millets4health” reaches out to the society by conducting workshops, was all praise for the traditional food grain's virtues for health and planet.

NH Photo by Pramod Pushkarna
NH Photo by Pramod Pushkarna
Traditional delicacies available at the event

Prem Narain Mishra, a septuagenarian from the interiors of Madhya Pradesh came with buckets full of sweet and tangy ber—jujupe berries— and sweet mahua, crateloads of organic vegetables, preserves, sale of food items that have vanished from home kitchens and are absent in restaurant menus, together made the mela a foodie's delight.

The festival also provided a chance to taste traditional delicacies such as murka (from Bundelkhand), ragi golgappe, tomdi aaloo, gutka, ashadh Ka shorba and many others.

Pushpesh Pant, the well known food critic called it the best ever healthy food fair organised in Delhi.

The organic food is for people who truly value their health, they are free from potentially harmful substances and genetically modified organism. Asadh Mela will also be organised on July 9 in Connaught Place lawns.

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Published: 8 Jul 2017, 1:19 PM