Letters to the Editor: Petrol, diesel on fire again

If crude prices rise, consumers will have to pay. But if crude goes down, the consumers won’t be passed on the benefits

Letters to the Editor: Petrol, diesel on fire again

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Petrol/diesel on fire again

After a hiatus of a few months when elections were going on, the prices of petrol and diesel have once again started to rise. I just cannot fathom as to what factors kept the oil prices in check for four and a half months and what factors are making them go up now in a daily revision. The Godi TV anchors are not getting tired of telling the viewers that the Russia-Ukraine war has resulted in sharp spike in international crude prices and thus the government of India has no choice but to hike the petrol prices. Pray tell me where were these learned anchors when the crude was selling below $50 a barrel and we were still paying around Rs. 80 per litre for petrol. The Modi government has linked the retail oil prices with the international crude rates. But the linkage is strangely one way, ie, if crude prices rise, consumers will have to pay. But if crude goes down, the consumers won’t be passed on the benefits. Wah Modi ji wah!

Kumar Vishesh, Mumbai

UP voted for ‘Jungle Raj’?

The BJP has persistently told voters in Uttar Pradesh that if they voted for Samajwadi Party, the alleged “Jungle Raj” or “Goonda Raj” would return. And the BJP supporters believed it. Many voters were on record saying that they voted for BJP again over “security” and law and order. Fine. But what kind of law and order is this when candidates of opposition parties are not being allowed to file their nominations for the MLC elections? The opposition candidates are being roughed up by BJP workers and their papers snatched away as police remain mute spectator. This was done in Zila Panchayat elections by BJP last year and the same is being repeated now. I don’t know what the definition of “Jungle Raj” or Goonda Raj” is for BJP and its supporters.

Anurag Malik, Meerut

Hate only hurts

For its short-term electoral gains, a big political party in our country promotes and fans communal hatred in the society. And it is using all mediums from social media platforms to commercial cinema to propagate its spiteful agenda. The movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ is the latest example of this vicious propaganda. Those who know the facts are criticising this film for showing half-truths and even lies. Cinema is a powerful medium. It was used by the Nehruvian-era filmmakers to instil hope in the impoverished, toiling masses and forge fraternity. The net result was the emergence of a strong, united India. But after the rise of this political party to power, whose only USP is communal hate, the cinema is being used to demonise a section of country’s population. In the short term this may suit the divisive forces, but in the long run it will be very, very damaging for the nation. jail.

Abdul Qayyum, Kolkata

(This was first published in National Herald on Sunday)

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