Piyush ‘Pappu’ Goyal ties himself in knots, trolled even after two clarifications

Union Minister Piyush Goyal was savagely trolled on Thursday for claiming that Einstein discovered gravity. He continued to invite scorn and ridicule even after issuing two clarifications

Piyush ‘Pappu’ Goyal ties himself in knots, trolled even after two clarifications

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It was a bad Thursday for Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal. A video clip went viral and showed him telling exporters at a meeting of the Board of Trade that had Einstein bothered about Maths, he would not have discovered Gravity.

While Twitter pounced on him and pointed out that the minister was wrong and it was Newton who discovered Gravity, Goyal, tipped off by his staff, made a valiant attempt to defend himself at the same meeting. His statement had been twisted out of context, he said and claimed that he had actually said that Maths helped Einstein discover Gravity but not the old Maths.

This predictably led to more trolling and the minister was forced to come up with a second clarification, that his statement was quoted out of context.

He was merely trying to boost the confidence of exporters and telling them that it was possible to raise export to the level of one trillion Dollar in the next five years. It was in that context that he had talked about Einstein not relying on traditional Maths to discover Gravity.

The Union Minister came in also for some sharp criticism for setting arbitrary export limits. And telling exporters that qualities like determination and confidence would enable them to meet the export target.

Here are a few Twitter reactions:

• Funny - Piyush's original statement

Funnier - First clarification

Funniest - Second clarification

• It is very clear that Piyush Goyal doesn’t even know what he needs to clarify! With each clarification he establishes more firmly that he can’t tell Newton from Einstein and gravity from relativity.

Watch Goyal coming up with his second clarification here:

In his clarification Pappu Goyal is still unable to clarify whether Einstein came up with gravitational laws or was it Newton. Pappu Goyal will need to issue another clarification to clarify his clarification.

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Published: 12 Sep 2019, 8:37 PM